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Evil United- Honored by Fire- Aug 12, 2014



The New Record is Here!!! HONORED BY FIRE from Evil United hits the streets Aug. 12, 2014. Available thru MVD, online at seaofsound.com and at retailers who sell Real Metal! More news on contests for prizes soon. See Evil United Live ASAP.


With more material on the way, Texas Powerhouse, EVIL UNITED, release new track- "VIKING FUNERAL".

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Street Date: April 05, 2013 Download Street date April 5, 2013 Available Worldwide Artist: EVIL UNITED Title: VIKING FUNERAL Genre: METAL /POWER METAL /EXTREME Booking: evilunitedpp@hotmail.com EVIL UNITED TO RELEASE NEW TRACK FROM FORTHCOMING ALBUM On April 5, 2013, EVIL UNITED will release the eagerly anticipated first track/video (you can’t buy it yet, but watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fyLPZmHFUE) from their forthcoming sophomore full-length album. A full-length release date has yet to be determined as the band is still writing and recording . The Austin/San Antonio based band, EVIL UNITED, is a verifiable Texas Powerhouse of crushing metal with elite members from Watch Tower, Riot, Murder Dolls and Wednesday 13, all ready to continue their ear assault on the metal masses. The song, Viking Funeral, celebrates the cultural ideals of a savage way of life, while respecting the accepted wisdom that death is but a celebration and only a new beginning at entrance to Valhalla. Featured are the vocals of two-time Austin Texas Music Hall of Famer Jason McMaster (Watchtower, Broken Teeth Dangerous Toys), the rhythm bass of Don Van Stavern (Riot, S.A.Slayer), drummer, Shakes West (Murderdolls, Wednesday 13, Neurotica, Sebastian Bach), and to complete the wickedness, the speed-picking, twin axe attack of guitarists T.C. Connally (PB/DC, Cult to Follow) and John Valenzuela (PB/DC, Urial, Mortician). Evil United instantly delivers what hard cores expect and demand from the Lone Star state: Intricate, heavy pounding rhythms, swift screeching guitar solos, and over-the-top power-screaming vocals -- not only quenching the thirst of the heavy metal palate, but making you want to gargle nails and spit them out, impaling non-believers. The band was described by Lior “Steinmetal” Stein of Metal-Temple.com as “fresh with an old-school orientation.” Crave Pantera, Rigor Mortis, The Sword, Watchtower, S.A. Slayer, Drowning Pool? We are EVIL UNITED. Viking Funeral will be available for purchase April 5: http://cdbaby.com/evilunited2 Evil United Video Release: Viking Funeral: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fyLPZmHFUE Get the Killer Debut release from Evil United here: http://mvdb2b.com/s/EvilUnitedEvilUnited/MVD5233A For Tour Dates and more information: www.reverbnation.com/EvilUnited

We are........Evil United.

We have arrived! Check out the new metal onslaught from metal veterans Jason McMaster(Watchtower)Vocals,.... Don Van Stavern (Riot) Bass ,... Jason West(Murderdolls,Sebatian Bach) Drums,...Todd Connally( Pitbull Daycare) Guitars, and JV4 (Mortician,Pitbull Daycare) Guitars. The self titled "Evil United" released Sept. 13,2011 Worldwide on MVD...GET YOURS NOW AT WWW.SEEOFSOUND.COM