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The Clock Tower

It’s official, folks. It’s always 4:20 in Stumbleweed County. Founders have decided not to make the necessary repairs to the downtown clock tower stating that ‘it’s just too much work’ and ‘everything’s better like this anyway’. The decision came during a roundtable discussion with county officials when a resident was seen ‘celebrating 4:20’ in the shadow of the tower this afternoon. County founder and hero Brother John said, ‘it’s fate that the thing stopped working to begin with’. While there is no confirmation as to why the clock stopped working, it’s just easier to blame it on fate or karma or something…

The clock was dedicated some years ago at 4:20pm on April 20th and there are no known photographs of the clock tower at any other time than 4:20. A short investigation once indicated that there is no electricity going to the tower but was neither confirmed nor denied. The contractor, Willie Smokem had this to say…”what?”

The official county-wide dedication to Stumbleweed County time will occur at 4:20pm.

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Feb 12, 2011 www.stumbleweedcounty.com