I often get asked the question " What does Roxy Roca mean? "

I grew up in the deep south. Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi were all places I called home before Austin. Growing up like any kids in the 80's I enjoyed the amazing sitcoms that spilled over from the groovy 70's. One of my particular favorites was The Jefferson's, I just loved everything about it, and I can still bust out the George Jefferson strut! I remember talking about the show to some of my friends in grade school and not understanding why they were not allowed to watch it. They were not allowed to watch " black " shows. Even at a young age I remember a definitive feeling of uneasy confusion. The most memorable character on the show for me was Helen Willis. I remember thinking she was such a classy lady and thought it was so cool that she was married to one of the only " white " guys on the show! I always thought it was so admirable how The Willis' just let all the name calling and ridicule roll off their back. They saw no color, they saw each other for who they were, and that was that. I later found out that the character was loosely based on the actresses real life marriage and experiences. That actress was Roxie Roker. I am very proud that my parents raised me in a household where racism was not tolerated, in a part of the county where color lines run deep, it is just something I have always been passionate about. That's right, my first lesson in civil rights came through the television and Roxie Roker lead the revolution.

Yours Truely, Taye Cannon ROXY ROCA