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Got a few new tracks that are being mixed down at the moment. Will upload as soon as they are mastered. I'll probably do a short demo mix of them together as I know most people don't have the time to listen to full tracks. Going to try and get a video together for this release too..don't know how that'll work!!


OK. Didn't think I'd do another blog as I'm not that way inclined. However, here I am. Been recording some new stuff. Need to get it mastered etc. Before putting it up with the other stuff for download at iTunes etc. Going to update website www.breishasangel.com very soon.

Not sure how this will work

Not the most talkative of people but thought I would give this a go. I'll probably forget to do it on a regular basis. Checkout the new full tracks on here or take a look at the website. www.breishasangel.com Take care Jon