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Letter from a fan!

Letter from a fan! I was going through my myspace messages and thought i would share this message from a listener that really inspired me in a time when i needed it. Its things like this take keep up and coming artists like me going!

I titled my subject like that to get your attention. I came across your name on mixtapetorrent. com. I was thinking at first like these guys must be somewhat good to be placed on a website with the name brand rappers. I downloaded your mixtape and took a closer listen to to what you guys had to say. I enjoyed the tape. Hands down, it was one of the if not the most freshest thing to come across me in a while. I enjoyed the beats like some of the other unsigned hypes have, you know the beats that are damn near multi-thousand dollar production/producers behind them, but also you guys had the flow to back it up. It's rare to find people that are hungry like you guys, and also that are humble which I found out when I looked you up on myspace. I like the quote where you say, you can't forget where you came, because it's in your name. I am thankful that there are artists like you out there still. Thanks for giving me the listening pleasure. I am getting ready to get deployed soon, and there are some real good tracks that you have that I can relate to and listen to over and over again when I'm overseas. Thanks again, Chris