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Heavy rotation on Radio: NY, Chicago, Tokyo & Rio De Janeiro!!

This is great news. Now hold onto your chair. As a result of this success, Berkshire Media has informed us that they are interested in putting your song in heavy rotation on four additional radio stations in their network, effective April 1, 2014:

KMIX Radio Los Angeles, California USA www.kmix-radio.com

WNYR Radio New York, New York USA www.wnyr-radio.com

WCTR Radio Chicago, Illinois USA www.wctr-radio.com

JXFM Radio Tokyo, Japan www.jxfm-radio.com

WMBR Radio Rio De Janeiro, Brazil www.wmbr-radio.com

Nicky Barot Music on RADIO

Listen up London-ers. My song "Me" will air on Rock Zone this Saturday round about 7:20-7:30pm (GMT) on 103.6FM Tameside Radio and on-line (with 'Listen Again') at www.tamesideradio.com

Nicky Barot Music

Most teenagers can barely hold their focus through their 13th viewing of Twilight: New Moon. But a teenage singer/songwriter/guitarist who can pack LA clubs, garner the attention of top producers and co-write with music legends? A rare find, indeed! At just 19 years old, dashing pop-rocker Nicky Barot is already a musical force to be reckoned with, having showcased the talent and drive to become music's newest phenomenon. Check out his album “ME” on itunes.