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peace all! so my next solo album is less than a month away from going off to press. its going to be a 2 parter....COLD TURKEY VOL 1 and 2. the first is a DJ spectacular with a few local homies rockin verses with me...the second is a friend spectacular with many a guest features on both projects....i think all hip hop heads will kncok tha fuck out to this shit. scratch heavy. murderous mic killa verses. hope youll like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


love all. so myself and my good friend SHADOWSTAR BOXER are about to release our first collab as MACROPHAGE. the album THEMES SUCK will be headed your way soon! check the teaser we put up (catch it on here as well) on SADIE HAWKINS MUSIC


so this is my 2nd blog. im not a blogger. but im illtastically excited about the new SKELETRON album releasing on SADIE HAWKINS MUSIC about to drop! SKELETRON consists of ADAM ROTTIN on words, DJ TRIZZAK on cuts, and MANIFEST on production. weev got hella good features...some will blow your mind. good songs. good beats. dope cuts.somethin for everyone. and DAMN SURE will REMIND ALL tht yes HIP HOP (and i stress HIP......HOP) is still around in RALEIGH and NC and the universe. hang with us and become the fourth member!

new to reverb nation

so i guess hello all. thank you for taking the time to read this. im not really a blogger but i hope i will do a good enough job so that you will want to read this type of stuff from me again. i just recently joined reverb nation and i hope it will allow my music to be heard to people who love hearing good music. im from raleigh nc but i rep the entire planet. i make music for the people of the world. not just one patch of dirt that i happen to be standing on at the current time. i have uploaded a couple of rough drafts of songs off of my new album to give listeners a heads up on the vibe of myself, my music, and the album itself. i really pride myself on live shows and making sure i do my best to give the crowd, whether it be 5 or 500 people, a feeling of pure happiness when im done. you can get a 2-D feel by checking out a couple videos i posted here on reverb or you can go to youtube and search me. but however i communicate with you whether it be from hearing some material,coming to a live show, or checking out some video footage...i would like to thank you.love to all.