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Dali Van Gogh is currently auditioning new vocalists for their 2014 release, having parted ways with their previous singer.

The band has 18 demos, some with lyrics some without, that they are currently beating into shape for their follow up to their popular 2012 release Wild Blue City (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SuzNNGfARM). We are also in the midst of booking a tour to New York for summer 2014.

All we are missing is the right voice to front the band. Must have good stage presence, good musical & vocal chops, and be punctual & professional. Must be able to commit to regular practicing and gigs. Playing an instrument is a bonus but not necessary. No preference over male or female voices. We're looking for the RIGHT fit, not necessarily the same fit as we had before.

To hear more of the band visit our reverbation page www.reverbnation.com/dalivangogh

If interested please email dalivangogh@live.com to begin the audition process.

Best Album Nomination by Faces Magazine

We've been nominated for Best Album by Faces Magazine in the Faces Magazine Choice Awards 2013: http://www.facesmagazine.ca/halifax/vote/#music

Our Pals CHAOS THEORY, 7 MiLE STARE, and My Living Will are also nominated for various categories including Best Music Video and Best Rock/Pop Band. Get your votes in folks!!!

Dali Van Gogh's “Wild Blue City” Puts Atlantic Canadian Rock Music On The Ma

Dali Van Gogh releases new single for radio play world wide.


Dali Van Gogh have released their new single “Wild Blue City”, the title track of the band's new record. The track is already spinning world wide, including but not limited to markets in Great Britain, Mexico, The Philippians, Norway, and the United States.

“Wild Blue City” [both the single and the record] is the culmination of over a years work, which started in late 2011 with the departure of two of Dali Van Gogh's previous line-up, and the arrival of Scott Turnbull on Bass and Sean Sawler on Drums. The two new members, along with founder Isaac Kent on Guitar, and Vocalist Marcel McNeil, immediately began to tighten up Dali Van Gogh's sound, and entered the studio soon after to begin work on the new record, as well as the EP “Mask Identity”, which was released in April of 2012.

“'Wild Blue City' is the beginning of the new sound of Dali Van Gogh,” said guitarist Isaac Kent. “It's a little different then what people may remember of us from this time last year. It's heavier, and harder hitting then our old record, and is a good reflection of where we stands with the new line up. Sean [Sawler] and Scott [Turnbull] both have significant metal backgrounds, and you can hear some of that comeing through on this song. Don't get me wrong though, it's still DVG, we've just come a long way from where we were when we recorded Verbal Warning in 2010.”

“It's my favorite song to play live,” said Bassist Scott Turnbull on the track. “We definitely get the best crowed reactions from it. People love it.”

“Wild Blue City” is, from this writers stand point, the best vocal performance to date from Marcel McNeil. His melodies carry the song from beginning to end, but still leaves room for the rest of the band to shine. He had this to say on the piece; “Wild Blue City is like a re-boot for us. We've restarted everything and are now ready to take some big steps forward. I can't wait to keep the ball rolling with our upcoming shows.”

The album version of the song begins with the all too familiar sounds of city life, with building guitar lines [which is where the radio version starts you] that lead you up to Marcel's grand entrance. From his opening lines of “Wild Blue City, I've got a story for you!” to the in your face guitar solo, through to the crescendo at the end of the track, this song is uniquely a Dali Van Gogh piece. The world can look forward to a lot more music like this from the band.

To listen to, or purchase “Wild Blue City” or any other Dali Van Gogh release, head to any of their websites:

www.dalivangogh.bandcamp.com www.reverbnation.com/dalivangogh www.facebook.com/dalivangogh www.twitter.com/dalivangogh www.myspace.com/dalivangogh www.supernova.com/dalivangogh

If you are interested in booking the band to your venue please contact their management below:

Ian Kent – Manager Dali Van Gogh 902 220 9100 dalivangogh@live.com www.reverbnation.com/dalivangogh PO Box 308 Eastern Passage Nova Scotia, Canada B3G 1M6

"Wild Blue City" EP To Be Released Saturday September 22nd.

Dali Van Gogh EP Release Show with Supporting Acts Chaos Theory and Ozone! THERE WILL BE NO COVER CHARGE. ADMISSION IS FREE.

On Saturday, September 2nd, Dali Van Gogh will be launching their new EP "Wild Blue City" at Big Leagues Sports Bar(920 Cole Harbour Road Halifax, NS B2V).

With a re imagined line up and a re-vamped sound led by Marcel McNeil's Soaring Vocals, Isaac Kent's Screaming Guitar Solos, and supported by a solid rhythm section in Sean Sawler's hard hitting Drums and Scott Turnbull PHAT Bass Lines, Dali Van Gogh are set to break barriers and take Atlantic Canada by storm.

The band's new EP consists of 6 songs all recorded and produced by the band themselves, and includes the title track "Wild Blue City" which is already spinning in London England and will get it's debut in North America on Q104, September 9th. The recordings reflect the changes in the band over the last year and is a precursor to a brand new record Dali Van Gogh will be releasing in the new year. The "Wild Blue City" EP, along with T-Shirts, Ball Caps, and other merch from all 3 bands will be available at the event.

The night will also feature longtime friends of the band Ozone (http://www.reverbnation.com/ozonehfx) a 3 peice Classic Rock Trio who released their first record in 2010, and Chaos Theory (http://www.chaostheoryband.ca) a 5 peice alternative hard rock/metal band remenescent of Three Days Grace, Godsmack, and Disturbed.

With extensive radio play spanning North America, Mexico, England, and The Phillipeans, don't miss the release of Dali Van Gogh's newest EP "Wild Blue City" at Big Leagues Sports Bar (920 Cole Harbour Road Halifax, NS B2V) Saturday, September 22nd.

The first band hits the stage at 9pm.

Checkout Dali Van Gogh at: www.facebook.com/dalivangogh www.reverbnation.com/dalivangogh

Or follow them on twitter at @dalivangogh.

Tickets: FREE, http://dalivangogh@live.com 19+

Full Details: http://www.reverbnation.com/show/8302957

"Mask Identity"

Dali Van Gogh is releasing the first of two EPs, "Mask identity", on Monday April 2nd, 2012.

"Mask Identity" features re-imagined recordings of four songs from the band's earlier release, "Verbal Warning", as well as the new song "Not My Worst". These are the first recording to feature the band's new members Sean Sawler (Drums) and Scott Turnbull (Bass).

Track List:

1. Weight Of The World 2. Messin' Up 3. Sober 4. Not My Worst 5. The Demon The EP will be available as a pre sale for those attending Band Wars 2012 this weekend.

You can download "Mask Identity", as well as the res of DVG's Catalog, on the bands new Bandcamp Online Store here: www.dalivangogh.bandcamp.com

Dali Van Gogh plans to release a second EP, "Wild Blue City" closer to the summer, with hopes of releasing a full length album of new material in Winter 2012.

"The Demon" Called A "Heavy Metal Masterpiece"


Dali Van Gogh have released their latest single. “The Demon” has been compared to the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Avenged Sevenfold Records, and is being heralded as a “Heavy Metal Masterpiece” by the Canadian Radio Community.

In late 2011, Dali Van Gogh went through many changes. Replacing their previous drummer with Sean Sawler, and bassist with Scott Turnbull, the band went about re-approaching their entire repertoire. With more experienced musicians and new imaginations, DVG has completely re-recorded their entire set. These songs, beginning with “Not My Worst”, “Weight Of The World”, and “Sober” [which were released in February] will be released as singles, EPs, and eventually a full length album expected in late 2012.

The band's current release [The Demon] is an “inner battle”, says Isaac Kent, guitarist for the band. “I wrote the lyrics to a completely different piece of music, and Marcel [McNeil] took those and reworked them into what became the Demon. The song describes my inner worries about this career path [as a musician]. I am not sure if I'll ever make it anywhere with it. Will I be able to push that extra mile when it comes down to it? I don't have a choice, that inner 'Demon' needs to get out and stretch his legs.”

Marcel McNeil, vocalist for Dali Van Gogh, has this to say on the song, “I've loved performing it ever since I first heard that main riff. People really dig the song, we always get a good response from the crowd. I'm glad people like it.”

The band's overall sound has become heavier and meatier with the additions of Sean and Scott, both coming from Heavy Metal backgrounds, and “The Demon” is a testament to that fact. Featuring a grinding, pounding tribal beat, gut-wrenching howling from vocalist Marcel McNeil, a guitar solo Zach Wylde would be proud of, and chunky bass lines keeping the song just at a boiling point. Heavy metal fans everywhere will be proud to call Dali Van Gogh one of their own.

DVG has been getting considerable air play in recent months, spanning as far from home as Norway and Central America, demonstrating the band's growing international appeal.

“If Vincent Van Gogh and Salvidor Dali got together and decided to paint a portrait of Rock N Roll, you'd get Dali Van Gogh,” says Lord Malignus, manager and host of The Evolution Rock Metal Podcast in Guadalajara Mexico. Dali Van Gogh exclusively premiered “The Demon” with the podcast on February 25, before releasing the track to the rest of North American radio on March 14, 2012. You can stream or download the podcast here:


To listen to, or purchase “The Demon” or any Dali Van Gogh release, head to any of their websites:

www.reverbnation.com/dalivangogh www.dalivangogh.bandcamp.com www.twitter.com/dalivangogh www.facebook.com/dalivangogh www.myspace.com/dalivangogh www.supernova.com/dalivangogh www.promofm.com/dalivangogh www.youtube.com/dvgrock

Dali Van Gogh are in the midst of a major North American radio campaign involving more than 450 stations across Canada and the US, and have begun bookings from for summer.

For additional information, please contact the band at:

Dali Van Gogh Ian Kent - Manager 902 220 9100 dalivangogh@live.com www.reverbnation.com/dalivangogh PO Box 308 Eastern Passage Nova Scotia, Canada B3G 1M6

Dali Van Gogh Premiers "The Demon" On Evolution Rock Metal Podcast‏

This weekend Dali Van Gogh's re-imagining of "The Demon" premiered exclusively on the Evolution Rock Metal Podcast. "The Demon" will be going live to the rest of the music community next month. For now get your DVG Metal fix at the links below:

Stream: http://evolutionrock.podomatic.com/entry/2012-02-24T23_21_16-08_00

MP3: http://evolutionrock.podomatic.com/enclosure/2012-02-24T23_21_16-08_00.mp3

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7. DIABOLICAL - Mistery of Holly Fire Black/death metal, Indonesia http://myspace.com/diabolicalfire

8. DALI VAN GOGH - The Demon Doom n roll, metal, Canada http://reverbnation.com/dalivangogh

9. ENESYA - A Half Step Away from Death Metalcore, Singapore http://www.facebook.com/Enesya0

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Dali Van Gogh To Be Featured On Evolution Rock Metal Podcast

Dartmouth's own Dali Van Gogh will be featured on Evolution Rock's Metal Podcast this weekend. The Band has released their Re-Imagined take of "The Demon" exclusively to the online station. This will be your only chance to hear the single for the time being, so DON'T MISS OUT!

You can listen to the podcast at http://www.myspace.com/evolution_rock


Mar 21, 2012 - Monte's Show Bar & Grill Mar 24, 2012 - The Bus Stop Theatre

Also if you missed it, you can listen to Isaac Kent's (DVG's Lead Guitarist) complete interview with Brian Lush of Rock Wired Radio here: http://www.rockwired.com/temporarysite/rockwiredprofiles222.mp3

For more info on Dali Van Gogh visit them at any of their website below:

www.reverbnation.com/dalivangogh www.myspace.com/dalivangogh www.facebook.com/dalivangogh www.twitter.com/dalivangogh www.promofm.com/dalivangogh www.supernova.com/dalivangogh www.youtube.com/dvgrock

DVG's Isaac Kent (Lead Gutiar) Interviewed on Rock Wired Radio

Dali Van Gogh's lead gutiarist, Isaac Kent, was interviewed by Brian Lush of Rock Wired Radio over the weekend. You can check out the complete interview at http://www.rockwired.com/temporarysite/rockwiredprofiles222.mp3.

Dali Van Gogh Releases Three Singles To Audiences World Wide

The band began in 2008 when long time musicians and partners Isaac Kent and Megan MacKenzie met up with drummer Nason Scribner. Nason’s talent and unique style of drumming was a perfect match for Isaac and Megan's sound. It was at that time that they began to look for that special vocal talent. In early 2010, after spending some years with other singers, Isaac ran across a youtube video of Marcel McNeil and found their 4th member.

Current members include: Isaac Kent – guitar Marcel McNeil – vocals Sean Sawler – drums Scott Turnbull – bass

Now a force to contend with this talented group, Dali Van Gogh, began working on their first CD. In the midst of the recording process, the group was contacted by 272 Records in Hollywood, Ca. to be part of the label's compilation album Kill City Vol. 27. The band's song “The Demon” was selected to be part of this international release as one of only two Canadian bands featured on the CD. This CD was released in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, France, as well as the U.S. and Canada. You can purchase this CD by logging onto www.myspace.com/dalivangogh or www.amazon.com.

Dali Van Gogh is currently featuring 3 singles; “Not My Worst”, “Weight of the World” and “Sober”.

“Not My Worst” is from a yet to be released and untitled CD. “This single is getting its pre-release due to it's extraordinary power and texture. It captures a well synchronized and well versed group with a sound that is like no other,” quoted Grace Consoli of A & R Select, a publicity company out of Beverly Hill, California. The title describes the song, and it's character realizing that he himself is his own worst enemy. He realizes that sometimes you have to look at yourself and not blame those around you for your circumstances. “In this single every musician shines as each has the opportunity to highlight their talents. It reflects the band as a united group and the power that is generated when the synergies flow so perfectly,” she went on to say.

“Weight of the World” is from their debut CD “Verbal Warning”. It is about feeling the responsibility and pressure of creating something that brings forethought and growth. “This song is an anger filled eruption of frustrations and torment about not understanding how the world works. This particular song also covers an emotional journey representative of the overall energy and mood of this CD,” said Grace.

“Sober” is a description that one might feel in the face of loneliness. Torn between two roads, the character is unsure as to what road to take; whether fame or love. He believes he is unable to do both.

Joe Conte, Manger of Artist Relations at A & R Select, said of the band, “Each of these songs are different in so many ways. The talent that these musicians bring into play have the ability to take certain circumstances and experiences and twist them into a song that will leave you spell bound. From those incredible vocals right down to the spine tingling guitar riffs, every chord, every note, every sound leaves a mark.”

“Verbal Warning” was released in November, 2010 and is available in its physical format along with digital storefronts including but not limited to:

www.reverbnation.com/dalivangogh www.promofm.com/dalivangogh www.twitter.com/dalivangogh www.facebook.com/dalivangogh www.myspace.com/dalivangogh www.supernova.com/dalivangogh www.youtube.com/dvgrock www.amazon.com

Dali Van Gogh were winners of the Nova Scotia 2011 Rogers Battle of the Bands, placing third in said competitions the National Finals. They sat at the top of the Reverbnation Rock charts for Halifax Nova Scotia for 28 straight weeks. They are currently working on their second, as yet untitled CD, which is set for release in 2012.

For your review, the complete released works of Dali Van Gogh can be listened to at www.promofm.com/dalivangogh.