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What's In A Name?

:: I never could come up with an appropriate descriptive stage name.

*I tried Willow (waaaay before that l'il gal whipped her hair) because of the way I was first told the way it looked when I moved my arms onstage. But then enter memories of that grandmother tree in Disney's Pocahantas... NO. She messed that ALL up. *Thought of River because of my personal emotional connection to water and again reflective of my "flowy" body movements. NAH. Didn't stick. And ain't that just like water? *The Amazin Amazon. That was years ago, long before any of the other attempts. About thirteen years to be exact. Physical feature driven: Tall. Shapely. Pleasant features. Indication of strength, inner and outer. You know, Wonder Woman and all that. PRETENTIOUS. Made me uncomfortable. *My cousin Javon calls me Showtime, lol, and for a split second I actually considered using it not as an actual stage name but as an alter ego. UH-UH. Decided to keep it in the family. :)

I've forgotten as many names as I have still written down somewhere but none of them have ever resonated with me and I stopped pondering over it a long time ago. As much as I used to think I somehow needed a stage name to announce what I am prior to being seen, I learned along the way that best way to proclaim WHO I am is to simply...be me. *shrug* Even if I had firmly settled on a name, I'm now positive that I wouldn't have worn it long because it would never truly fit. There is nothing better for me than myself and the name that has clothed me this long is greater than any other descriptive article because it suits me.

I AM Nickey McMullen and all of it's variations. Nickey Nak. I slapped the "Nak" on my nickname in the sixth grade at Moody Middle School and begin signing all of my papers like that (no last name) all the way through until high school graduation and my teachers always knew whose paper it was too! Sometimes shortened it to NickNak but then here comes my friend Roscoe's lazy "Nak" which doesn't even give up a second syllable, smh. My legal signature is Nichole and my parents will ALWAYS remember this and USE it as a weapon of mass destruction. smh *sigh* #noescape To my aunt Carol, I am her beloved Neechie. I'm my big sister Geri's Nikiesha, and high-school best friend Dee-Dee's moniker Nakster. Nicola (sang like the lozenge commercial "Ricola!") has been pulled out, examined and tagged to my pages of life and Prince's Darling Nikki was a completely uninvited stereotypically overused theme song that still occasionally hitches a ride. I never minded. :)

But at the source of all of this namage (lol) flows ME. NICKEY. The name that I re-spelled myself from "Nikki" in the first grade to stand apart from all the rest of the same name and at Laburnum Elementary in 1980, there were MANY "Nikkis" including a boy, lol. Now that I think about it, it's amazing that even at a such an early age, that small (but-not-really) gesture displayed a definite developing sense of self, a innate knowledge of, if not yet who I was, at least who I must have instinctively hoped to be.

And that hope turned out to be ME. Unapologetically NICKEY. The good, the bad, and the goofy. No other name will ever say it better.

THE Nickey McMullen.

And I am glad to know her. ♥

{What's In A Name? A Definite Defining Definition.}

Why I Am.

If I were to deny what it is I do...then all that I've been through would be for naught.

I cannot help but to sing because it cannot help but to HELP someone else.

The AGAPE love that I feel for people is...Godly. So intense that it can only be expressed with my lips, my voice, my head, my hair, my arms, fingers, eyes, knees, feet, hips, shoulders...

Combined. Proclaimed. Strong.

Me. Music. Song. Voice. Testimony. Ministry.


It's who I am.