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setteling for less but getting more

I am understanding the ability and inability of people. I always stress about those little mistakes or out of pitch parts, and to me that makes the music unenjoyable. I have realized to just accept my music for what it is, and im having a blast... BE YOURSELF PEOPLE, NO COMPARISONS

computer speakers

ok so my new beef is ,, as im recording new songs . i realize that the average computer user has the crappy computer speakers. so when they listen to our music it sounds like a degraded version of the original, so either we buy everyone in America monitors ,, or we just get them to see the live performance

DSing  (over 4 years ago)

I agree,, I sit in the process for hours and the sound may be good on my headphones and seakers but when I hear it on others laptop...OMG Yikes.
Keep up the good work.

Tubes And Tone

Been jammin alot with my friends. And am really enjoying the differences in guitars and equipment, Lovin the tone and warmth of the tubes, and also lovin the crunch and drive of the solid state, especially with 2x12 150 watts.... Lookin forward to workin on new songs, and a constant consumtion af alcohol and jammin