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Update 1/18/09


This is Robbie, the guitarist for One4All.

I'm sittin here in school listening to really old and wierd Pink Floyd..from back in the Syd Barret days if anyone followed Pink Floyd..

Anyways, we're working on a few new songs right now, including a remake of our old song, My Last Breath, and a cover if T.I.'s Whatever You Like.



Update 2/7/09

Okay, Robbie again

This time I'm sittin on my bed watching Robin Hood: Men In Tights..

So, just for anyone who doesn't know, I play at Generations church on Sunday mornings at Surf Cinema's in Southport. our services are at 8, 9:15, and 10:45 and you should totally come out and see!

Anyways..I think Ellis and I have decided to drop the idea of Whatever You Like as a cover song..it's just not interesting enough to really do anything..ya know?

Instead, we are going back into the studio (hopefully within the next few weeks) to record vocals for Broken (see player).

We're working right now on training a drummer, bassist, and second guitarist, so we'll hopefully be doing shows soon. Ellis and I are also working out acoustic stuff for smaller shows. So keep an eye out for us!!

Thank you all for your love and support, Jesus loves you!!!! ~Robbie