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new album

Its been awhile life gets busy but time to start rec stay tuned :)

Long in the Tooth

make sure u check out our album u can download it on amazon ,itunes etc.

Finished .....almost lol

Well we are officially finished recording and mastering the album..... just awaiting production ... cant wait lol


We are almost done with the album ... a few more songs and a lil things here and there. But will def. let yall know when completed :)... thanks Ill Lobo

Hamlin Fires

Just wana give a shout out to all the members of the v.f.d. thanks for all yalls hard work and dedication ...Special shout out to my cousins Rick n Randy ;)


Alright ...Ill lobo is in the studio working on sum new tunes ....so I'll let yall know when they are finished and posted....thanks

Spring time

alright sick pups its springtime and u know what that means.. BBQ haha just kidding, well that and MUSIC. So keep an eye out for posts and such as we'll be updating upcoming shows and the like.. Let the call be heard...:)