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Gearing up for Summer Tour

Over the past few months we have been solidifying our north tour from Chico to Kelso, Washington, passing through Eugene, Portland, and many more cities. More to come soon, keep posted!

Moving on up!

WoW, what a crazy St. Patty's yesterday! Thank you to the 250+ people that came out to see our show with Strange Habits and others. One of the best St Patrick's Day so far, for us.

Now, we get ready for La Salles again in a few weeks with The Melodramatics and welcoming back Sol Seed to Chico, CA. It's going to be an epic show. There's a rumor that The melodramatics are loosing their bass player on that show, meaning it is his last show playing with them, so should be epic sauce. Everyone should come, I mean really...

Oh yah, we got approached by and exec from Virgin Records International today and told to submit our stuff to this record label submission, so I guess we're doing something right!

A lot of awesome things coming up, stay tuned.

___ The Deaf Pilots

The Deaf Pilots
The Deaf Pilots  (almost 6 years ago)

P.S. We're not signing anything, don't worry ;)

Back in Action

Hey there everyone. Crazy things have been going on in the world of The Deaf Pilots. Our first music video, "California Women" premiered yesterday! We have over ten shows coming up in the next few months, including a tour down south again! Keep spreading the world that we are taking over the rock and roll scene by storm!

The Deaf Pilots Tour

Starting to gear up for our big January tour around California! Check out the shows for set dates~

Informational Video

We just made a Q&A style video with our label's production team. We should have that video up and going for you by the end of next week! Keep a look out!!!