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We Will Change The World With Music & Dance!

I was recently asked to travel to Medina, Brazil this May for The First Annual Pretty In Pink Danceathon. This event is put on by two non profit organizations, Bizlanthropy and Meninadanca to empower young girls and bring awareness to human sex trafficking. I have the honor of choreographing and teaching the performance piece alongside former Deadmau5 dancer, Natalie Brede. We will be teaching to roughly 70 girls between the ages of 9-17 who have been exploited. The first week will consist of rehearsals, and the second week will consist of performances in several different cities in Brazil. This topic is very distant to me being that I have never really been surrounded or exposed to such an atrocious act; I know that I will be heavily effected when it becomes real in May. T Lilly (founder of Bizlanthropy) came out to Los Angeles to meet with Natalie and I last week and brainstorm as to how this is all going down. Where is the money coming from? How long is the routine? What musicians do we involve? Etc, etc, etc... I got an e-mail last week from T Lilly stating, "I'm just going to book the flights on my amex... This could be a huge disaster, or it can change the world!" I've never been so inspired by the risk that was taken in pure faith and determination that we get to Brazil to make a difference for these girls and show them a lighter way of life.

So who's funding this? I sent out several e-mails and text messages to people about sponsoring our indiegogo campaign. About 90% didn't respond. It really dawned on me that a lot of people have no concern for anything outside of themself... And we wonder why the world looks the way it does. To ignore such a huge cause, and disregard the fact that at this very moment a young girl is being trafficked while we're all at lunch drinking our $10 latte's really gets under my skin. I know everyone gets funny when the topic of money is brought up... But let that go. For those of you who have young daughters, for those of you who have been saved with dance and music, for those of you who truly do care about helping people in need WE NEED YOU. Please go to our indiegogo campaign, donate what you can. Every dollar makes a difference for us... We will change the world with Music & Dance.

Much Love, The Gypsy

LINK IS HERE http://igg.me/at/pipd2014

VH1 Top 20 Countdown

So as most of you know... I'm in the FIAT Band Prix competition to be featured on VH1's Top 20 Countdown. Click on the link and vote by downloading my new song Steal My Crown for free. I need EVERYBODY to vote in order to win. Please vote & spread the word. Time is ticking!


It's A Wrap... Again!

So as most of you know, the release of my new music video for Steal My Crown has been put on hold. Today we wrapped up the additional and final scene, which took place in a number of locations in Detroit. A painful 6AM call time turned out to be a peaceful morning. Today really added an artistic energy it didn't have before. I'm so excited to release this video! Look out for it next week. And for those of you who haven't picked up the single, now is the time! The link is below...

3 The Gypsy https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/steal-my-crown-bad-girls-feat./id718977060?i=718977145

Road To Riches

Today I've begun my radio campaign with a company out of New York to push Steal My Crown to over 300 stations nationwide. This... Is... Exciting!!! There's no telling how it will do as nothing guaranteed, but that doesn't worry me because today wasn't guaranteed and I still woke up. As I'm still learning so much about this twisted industry, I'm realizing more and more that the only thing I really care about is being on stage and creating. I'm pushing for a tour once this single makes some noise. So stay tuned!

American Idol.

So I get a call to audition for American Idol this week. As many of you may know, these types of auditions are not exactly "my thing." I decided to say yes to the opportunity since it was a personal invite from somebody who's very influential in the music community, and I was very honored that he even asked. I guess my complaint with it all starts at the word "audition." An audition to me is nothing more than a performance with feedback. I guess the thought of standing in line for hours on end for someone to give me their opinion doesn't exactly empower me, but tomorrow it's going to. It would be inauthentic of me to let these complains run me, knowing that this opportunity came to me out of nowhere. What's really ironic is that I've had a $5 million dollar check on my vision board for about 4 years now, and American Idol's record deal just so happens to be a $5 million dollar deal. These things are not coincidence. This isn't to say that I'm going to win American Idol, but I'm certainly going to attempt. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I'm looking at it as reassurance that my season is well on it's way if it hasn't arrived already. And whether I get my $5 million from this show, or not... I'm going to get it in this lifetime, and that's a promise!

~The Gypsy

Just A Little Something

I'm gearing up to shoot my music video for Steal My Crown which is taking place next Friday and Saturday here in Detroit. I must say I'm quite excited, I haven't shot a video in over two years since Anxiety was released. I don't know what exactly I was waiting for, or maybe I was just tied with with playing so many roles that a new video wasn't a priority. It is now! I know I've mentioned my excitement for this song several times, but I finally feel like I'm getting my sh!t together. Or maybe I'm just making that up, whatever, it feels good either way. Next week I'll be on The Rude Show (Wayne State Radio) to talk about this new single and all the other great things that are taking place. Also- keep a look out for my music on Pandora. It's scheduled to start streaming this week or next! I'm grateful to be getting that kind of exposure. Big thanks to everyone who is following my work, and all the positive messages I've been getting are truly priceless. They say count your blessings, not your troubles. Well theres a countless amount of blessings, so thank you all for listening, reading, interacting, watching, and rooting me on! Much love to each and every one of you!

The mishaps of today!

So I woke up today all excited, and went to iTunes to find out that they put a hold on Steal My Crown. Wonderful! Well thank God there's a million online streaming websites... So for those of you who are wondering, it is available on Reverbnation & Soundcloud for free download and you can also stream it on last.fm and radioairplay. I think the most obnoxious part of this all was the thought that if I had a manager, this most likely would not have happened. Oftentimes I wonder how the hell I got this far without one, and why I still don't have one. Is the business so over-saturated that someone who can sing, dance, act & write legitimately cannot find representation? And a female at that! It must be. Everyone is a "star" these days... But none of these so- called stars want to contribute to the world. I'm not a vein artist who just wants to see my name in lights. That's a plus of course, but the thought of saving lives with the money I generate from my music, and inspiring little kids with dreams would be the most rewarding. In due season. Anyways, make sure you go get my new song. It will only be up for free download until the digital music stores put it up.

Much Love!

Happy Fucking Monday

So I only have a few minutes here because I'm running late... But this needs to be shared.

Most of you may know that I used to back up dance for Charlie Wilson. If you think I have a mouth on me now you should have met me two years ago.... Needless to say I did not leave quietly. I've calmed down, most people don't even think I'm the same person. And I've gotten to a point where oftentimes, I find myself biting my tongue because I don't want to "burn any bridges" in the industry. Like I'm afraid to speak or something because everyone came out me as if all hell just froze over because I left the tour... When in all reality, I just wasn't meant to be there anymore. Everyone thought I blew my chance, but it was only a mere stepping stone guiding me to a destination that none of will be able to grasp with your imagination until I paint the picture for you (which I'm doing). Well sometimes if you don't burn the bridge, it will collapse while you're driving on it. I get a text this morning from a supposed industry professional who went out of his way to reach out to me because he has faith in my music. Well this morning his text reads, "I put your file on the table in out meeting, not too many executives got interested... They said your great , and awesome. You got that lovely face , not what they are looking for thou." Ok, well aside from the excessive grammatical errors, what file??? Did you mean EPK, cause musicians don't shop 'files'. No professional in this business has time to tell me when someone isn't interested, they hardly have time to tell me when someone is! It's really interesting being a 23 year old female independent artist. People have these preconceived notions that you're not only desperate, but naive as well. The conversation went on, and he swears I'm going nowhere. I told him I'd leave his tickets at will call... Some of you may have seen the picture. I'm really happy this happened because this feeling of excitement took over me throughout all of these bullshit text messages that I was hardly skimming. It was confirmation from God- because everytime someone has told me that I'm not going anywhere, I go 10x further than I thought I would. Bottom line- fuck everyone who isn't down for you. I don't care how high up you claim to be... We're all the same amount of human, and I'm sick and tired of being taken for a fool by these joke ass people who wish they could be a part of such a magical industry.

On an even brighter note I'm meeting with Sam T'ang today to outline the music video for 'Steal My Crown'.... Stay tuned!

Much 3 - The Gypsy

Steal My Crown (Bad Girls)

I've never done this blog thing before- here we go. I wrote this song, "Steal My Crown (Bad Girls)" a few months back, and this time it was different. When writing my first album, I was always self conscious of my lyrics. Not because I didn't think they were good enough, but because I was always concerned with what my family was going to think of my honestly and bluntness, if you will... I have the utmost respect for them, would never want to put out anything that would make them feel uncomfortable. But I am an artist, and this about my self expression. I spent a good two and a half years playing it safe, and leaving the nitty gritty lyrics in my head or on a random piece of paper that I was bound to misplace somewhere. I grew up in a Middle Eastern family, but they're actually very modern, Americanized, and open minded which I'm thankful for. That doesn't change the fact that my culture is still my culture, and there are all of these unwritten rules that we are "supposed" to follow, or are we? When I wrote Steal My Crown it was instantaneous. A friend of mine gave me a beat to play with, and when I was in the shower I just started singing. I didn't know what I was singing, but no more than 30 minutes later I had written Steal My Crown (Bad Girls). It was over with- it was a hit, this is MY song. They're all MY songs, but this was so truthful and for once in my life I stopped giving a shit about how it was going to look to people. My family loves me either way... I've been in this business long enough for them to know it's not PG. I figure, the real ones will connect, and appreciate what it is to be honest; living the life of a 23 year old, Middle Eastern, female artist in the 21st century. I had the record reproduced by a genius in Atlanta. He was a referral from my friend/ colleague who is mixing the project and overseeing the music. This is a song about what I deal with in my everyday life, and what most girls probably do. Men want sex, they sell it to you with their money, and at the end of the day you get talked about because people have nothing better to do... And all of this is noise, it doesn't stop me. Nobody can steal my crown. I finally found myself as an artist because of this song. What I'm doing is beyond cooker cutter, cliche lyrics, and selling out to please everyone aside from myself. I've never been more excited to release a song, and I can't wait to share it with you guys. I'll have a release date sometime next week.

Much Love & Gratitude, Your Favorite Gypsy