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street life

street life lunatic Poet. Under the street lights. I was born & rased on Millwaukee,s norf side. I grow up inbetween Wells and the Parklawn. My moms move like every six months so I came up on a lot of deferent blocks. Growing up I kicked it with a lot of hood niggas. E.S.G. (est side g,s ) , H.P.T.( hamption niggas)L.M.G. (linch mob), and so on. Violence & pestilence grow hand and hand in poverty. crime is are language. we exchange fillings trow hand to hand combat, hand two hand transactions,and hand too hand dejection. In this life (Street Life ) thairs no frands only suspects.No sure thangs only close bet's. Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/lunaticpoetofdde#ixzz1324A8RAo

fuck Tic

Artist Bio The Lunatic poet was born and raised on Milwaukee’s north side. Growing up on 24th and Wells he was exposed to heavy drug use and violence at an early age. The pain and anguish seeps thro in every song and every verse. Poet says that his song reflect the hearts and minds of the slums. The Lunatic Poet (Tic) started his mix tape career in 1998 as one of the founding members of the local underground legions N.G.M. (New Generation of Mob). Putting out over 10 mix tapes under Vitality Entertainment, Poet left the company after the murder of his close friend B-Bunchy-B and a fall out with the then C.E.O Kevin “Shorty” Blacks. Signing to Duce Duce Entertainment in 2004, the Lunatic Poet went on a rampage at a night club out of state and was sent up for 24 months. During his incarnation, he released his first Solow mix tape under the new label, Duce Duce ENT, along with dropping songs on two more mix tapes. Returning home in 2006, he went right back to work in the studio and on the road dropping one so low and appearing on 7 DDE mix tapes within the last three years. With the highly anticipated release of his 3rd Lunatic Poet mix tape, the streets are on fire & every one is watching, trying to see what he’ll do next. I believe that Tic could be the next great arts to hold not only the Midwest, but the hold nation of hip hop down. If you don't believe me just listen to Underneath the Street Lights,This life, or rain.

more g$hit to come

down load mad tracks for free im given it to yall raw setting up the water for my new mixtape comeing soon