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Locked In a Garage Band movie soundtrack

"Always Already (Shaking)" made it through the final edit and will be featured in the soundtrack of the "Locked In A Garage Band" movie. (Realized this song wasn't in my Reverbnation profile, but it's uploaded now!) "Locked In A Garage Band" by sister filmmakers Victoria and Jennifer Wescott was funded using Kickstarter and will premiere Fall of 2012 at film festivals in Canada and the US, with soundtrack artists performing when it opens in their city. For more film details go to www.facebook.com/lockedinagarageband

Young Rebel International Playlist

Just found out today: "Blood Red Devils" selected for the Young Rebel International Playlist. What makes this even more exciting, is that this makes five consecutive times, with "Torn Into Tickets", "(I'm So) Bored", "Horseholed", and "Big Broad Daylights" as the previous songs featured. Thanks for your support and encouragement, Young Rebel!