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Beach Glass

This song is supposed to evoke the journey of a piece of broken glass through the ocean to become a smooth piece of “beach glass” in the sand. Maybe you will find it next time you are out for a lonely walk on a winter seashore…. The trumpet sounding solo and the oboe/acoustic guitar sounding solo were played using a guitar controlled synthesizer. This is the first time I used it- and I am thrilled! I broke a string (which almost never happens to me) on the final solo (at 4:57), but I kept on playing. I liked the solo despite the goofs (I was distracted) so I kept it. This song is complex in terms of parts and pieces being stitched together over several months, but it is musically very simple (2 chords). It started as a recurring doodle, that became the intro/ ending.


Phillip is the first song I am posting for this site. I decided to start out simple with just two tracks of acoustic guitar and no effects, recorded straight into the mic. The title came from the singer /songwriter Shawn Phillips, though I am not a big fan of his. I was listening to an early album of his and there was a song with a descending chromatic progression that I found interesting, so I used the idea (though his song is totally different). Maybe I will do a produced version with full band, but for now I like the laid back feel.