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Hello Fans, Friends, DarknessCrew Minions, and of course Family!!! Just a quick update from When Darkness Falls. The DarknessCREW is hard at work tightening up set for a summer full of show dates.(Dates to be announced soon) Touring for the summer to help promote the WDF new album "BLOODSTONE". This CD is hard hitting!!!!!!! Besides getting ready for a summer full of shows, WDF is also continuing to write new material getting more aggressive. When Darkness Falls has also launched a new website...check it out at www.darknesscrewonline.com. Much much more coming soon from When Darkness Falls. Stay tuned!!!! We just getting started!!!! See you all on the road and at the shows. Much respect to you all from Acoma's 6 Native Warriors!!!!!!! Four Directions, One Road!!!! New CD BloodStone can be purchased at WDF website or at www.mysteriarecordsusa.com More purchase options to be announced soon!