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Hometown: Florence, FI, IT

Website: www.redcatpromotion.com

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Everyone knows that in this time communication is one of the most important item for every scope and because of this we should manage this appropriately.

You can consider Red Cat as a sort of filter that is placed between the band and the journalist: It has the task of transmitting and controlling the flow of information that the group sends to the media, but also of understanding and interpreting the feedback of the media about the band. It’s also able to understand to who and in what terms an information can be interested in, to create interest and to achieve desired results (reviews, radio and video playlists, interviews, newsletter…).

Moreover the press office helps to improve and enhance the image of your band, works to build a positive perception towards you compared to the target audience and to consolidate it over the time.

All this means also and above all strengthen the identity of your band: in fact it’s very important that media can refer to an only person, even more if they have long working relationships together. This is because also journalists has less problems to deal with one person who represent more bands instead of each band directly. It’s also important you understand that in these case Red Cat is only a sort of “business card” for media and actually you are the ones that we promote.

These are the main activities of Red Cat Promotion:
• Prepare a band press kit
• Prepare a press release to introduce the band/the album to our media
• Digital promotion of the album (over 1000 international contacts)
• Phisical promotion of the album (over 300 international contacts)
• Search reviews/playlist
• Ask interviews
• Promote videos
• National/International promotion of concerts
• Send weekly report of press office activities
• Introduce and offer the project to Booking agency/festival/sponsor/club/label (over 3000 contacts)
• Discounted advertising for magazines/webzines
• Infos about music competitions
• Publish and promote all press release about the band
• Advice on all contracts