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Hometown: Cairo, EG

Website: twitter.com

Genre: Other

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Biography of Mohamed Rasheedy:
Mohamed Rasheedy, an Egyptian 28 year-old civil engineer who decided to pursue a singing career alongside his main career has been in the domain of singing for over nine years. He kicked-off his professional singing career by releasing his first official hit singles five years ago titled ''7obak 7a2ee2a'' , ''Mab2etsh Fahmlo'' and ''lel Dragady''. In 2010, he released a song titled "Ebn El Nile" when Egypt won the Angola African Cup for the third time in a row. After that, he released his first album on June 21, 2010 under the title "Mosh Zy Had".

• His latest album ''Mosh Zy 7ad'' 2010
It has 10 tracks you can listen to and download from this official page
• About 'Mn Youm Fora2na' clip which he shot with 'Younis' the director
To watch the clip click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/user/rasheedyofficial

What makes Rasheedy differ from other singers is the talent he has, his amazing charisma and unique voice. What also makes him stand out is the type of music he makes. His songs discuss well-thought of and unique topics that have not been covered yet by other singers. He also uses common Egyptian language in order to reach the listeners effectively and leave a positive impact on them.