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Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Label: Flying T Records

Management: Independent, FeVeR International Music Group

Website: www.facebook.com

Sounds Like: Guns and Roses, Aerosmith, Thin Lizzy, T.Rex, The Cult

Genre: Rock

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Bang Tango’s current line-up:
Joe Leste’ (Vocals)
Rowan Robertson (Guitar)
Lance Eric (Bass)
Timmy Russell (Drums)
Each members unique character traits have allowed them to mold Bang Tango into an amazing sounding touring machine. Bang Tango has done hundreds of shows across the United States over the last five years, building upon an already monumental fan base. The result of this rigorous touring schedule is “Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt”, the bands new album release. Bang Tango teamed with Seventy-Eight Productions and feel they may have just recorded one of the strongest albums since Joe formed the group in the mid eighties.
Joe Leste is the driving force behind the group with his unique vocal abilities. Joe has been touring the world for the majority of his life and feels this experience allowed him to work with the producers refining the audio characteristics of the new album to create possibly the best tracks he has ever recorded to date.
Timmy Russell drummer for Bang Tango for many years now, possesses amazing skills behind a drum kit. The many years of touring Timmy has under his belt are evident from the moment the group takes the stage. Timmy possesses amazing speed while maintaining precision and timing, he is truly one of the great percussionist of this era.
Lance Eric bass player for Bang Tango for over eight years now provides the amazing bass lines Bang Tango has always been known for. Lance has refined his skills and evolved into a true heavy hitter in the industry attaining multitudes of endorsements as a result. Lance is a truly unique and gifted musician he infuses Bang Tango with a sound the audience not only hears but feels.
Scott Laflamme (Guitar) Bang Tango’s newest member is possibly one of the best guitarist to play for the group since its formation over two decades ago. The amazing shows Scott has played with the group over the last year emulate the fact that he is a rising star in the guitar scene. Scott tears into Bang Tango tracks from the past reflecting true perfection, and has now laid down his own stellar guitar tracks on his first album with the group.
These four individuals talents combined are Bang Tango, one of the hardest working bands on the road today!

Band History:
Although Bang Tango was often lumped in with the whole 80's glam metal movement (perhaps due to their pretty-boy looks and the fact that they hailed from Los Angeles), the hard-rockin' quintet was one a few L.A. glam groups to incorporate funk into its sound - around the same time as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Faith No More made it acceptable to do so. Their line up consisted of Joe Leste' (Vocals), Kyle Stevens (Guitar), Mark Knight (Guitar), Kyle Kyle (Bass), and Tigg Ketler (Drums), and piqued the interest of Mechanic/MCA shortly after the quintet issued their first in-concert recordings, 1987's "Live Injection".

Their major-label debut, Psycho Cafe, was issued in 1989. MTV's Headbangers Ball gave significant air time to their single "Someone Like You", and eventually it became a mainstay on the dial MTV charts. The group continued to issue albums throughout the early 1990's including "Dancin' On Coals", "Ain't No Jive...Live!" and the critically acclaimed "Love After Death".

In 2000, Leste' formed a more modern-sounding alt-metal outfit, Beautiful Creatures, issuing a self-titled debut the same year on Warner Brothers. Beautiful Creatures toured as part of the 2001 Ozzfest as well as supporting KISS on a number of dates.

Bang Tango has since produced two studio albums this decade, "Ready To Go" (2004) and "From The Hip"(2006).


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