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Hometown: Studio City, CA

Label: Kanvas Productions

Management: R. Taylor

Website: www.artok.org

Sounds Like: RUSH, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin Official, BRUCE DICKINSON (IRON MAIDEN), Pink Floyd

Genre: Rock

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Released CD Above Ground in 2010.


“Hills is also thrilled that old pals, now L.A.-based rockers Artok, are sharing the bill at Cork Hall. "Artok drummer/engineer Rob Taylor and I worked together in his project the "Seeds of Eden," says Hills, "So Rob and I have known each other for a long time. When I first came into the music scene in rock and roll right out of high school, one of the bands that I kept trying sneaking into the Coronet to see before I was 19 was Artok. I have known guitarist/engineer Robi Banerji (The Rolling Stones) and Rob throughout my career I have always kept in touch with Robi because Robi was one of my brothers best friends so I kept running into Robi. He is an amazing guy," says Hills, adding that another old bandmate Louie Pfeifer (Nasty Nasty) will be playing bass with Artok.”
Coral Andrews - Waterloo Region Record

“Canadian metal band Artok cover Rush's Subdivisions. Canadian metal band Artok include a cover of Rush's Subdivisions on their latest CD Above Ground, released in late 2010. The cover is particularly interesting because of the vocal harmonies and the fact that the keyboards are replaced by guitar. You can watch a video of the band performing the track on YouTube below or at this link, and find out more about the band on their website here and on Facebook. Thanks to RushFanForever for the heads up.”

“above ground good album from my old friends from kitchener ontario THE WAFFMAN ”

“Museum of Canadian Music”
Museum of Canadian Music

“The Canadian duo Infernal plays with the emotions of the listener, leads into hitherto unfamiliar and unknown worlds of sound. The nearly eight-minute journey into the heart carries more intensity than many hard salvo of "normal" metal. A lengthy, monotonous dialogue with piano (synth) and drums, a cosmic fusion of SAVATAGE and ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, prog-psych-doom of the 70 gray wisps of fog, which emerge only infinitely slowly the emotion sea, shadow worlds only PINK FLOYD on "The Wall created ". Is dipped deeper into the void of years of imprisonment of "Sailors on the Seas of Fate," the title expresses concisely what is again celebrated in more than seven minutes moving through the increased use of guitar oar in the galleys of the gloom. Finally, the soul is released with "Nightmares", the nightmare will end in dashing style hard rock, almost speed metal pouring here in view of previous experiences.”

“Loss of leg didn’t stop this drummer/singer Rob Taylor, drummer/singer/songwriter for the band Artok was only 17 when his right lower leg was severed in a terrible car crash. After 3 operations and 13 months on crutches, Rob finally began his rehabilitation. Incredibly, drumming on his bass drum was the best possible physical therapy for this type of injury. Rob’s love for drumming and for music became the true healing power behind his overall recovery. Somehow the accident became a blessing. “I became more determined than ever to have a career in music.” Say’s Rob. Now with the release of Artok’s new CD titled Above Ground, the band with co-founder guitarist Robi Banerji, bassist Chris Tristram and guitarist Mark Jacobi are ready to show the world how that determination has paid off. Artok is bringing their sound to long time fans and a new audience of rock listeners. ”
S. Taylor - Artok news