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Hometown: Goes, NL

Label: Genosha Recordings

Management: Eye-D, DJ Hidden

Website: www.theoutsideagency.com

Genre: Electronica

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As true dissidents within the hardcore scene, The Outside Agency has always had its own unique sound. This was already evident on their first three releases, which they produced for Mokum Records in the late 90s. After that period hardcore suffered a drastic change in direction and the two members of TOA (DJ Hidden & Eye-D) no longer felt at home in the genre and focused their attention on drum & bass instead. Around 2001 hardcore transformed yet again, but this time the agents were very pleased with the direction it had taken and they started producing and playing hardcore again with renewed vigor. After a string of successful releases on several international underground labels such as Black Monolith Records and Otaku Records the two founded their own successful imprint Genosha Recordings, and more recently, its sublabel One Seven Five.

TOA often remixes other producers’ tracks and they still occasionally record for other labels such as Mokum, Hong Kong Violence and Enzyme, but their main focus for the foreseeable future is on Genosha.

The Outside Agency is a style in itself and they are not easily put into one specific category. This is because their DJ sets are a mirror image of their work as producers. That means a perfect blend of dark and industrial elements that seem to work at almost every conceivable speed. TOA’s DJ-sets contain a lot of their own exclusive and unreleased material and when given free reign TOA’s sets can incorporate anything from old acid to breakcore. They can bring it fast and they can bring it slow, but one thing is certain: their own unique blend of dark industrial hardcore will always be at the center of the performance. The Agency’s diversity has delivered them gigs all over the globe.