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Hometown: Castro Valley, CA

Label: Nobody Records

Website: www.facebook.com

Sounds Like: Radiohead

Genre: Alternative

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In the summer of 1992, Hoagie Malone (Jay E.Moores) began coaxing musicians for his recording project "Equator". These sessions produced 33 tracks. Originally released as "Khaki Circus" by Equator, Hoagie felt that the recordings between he and mopehead (Mark Harvey) were going particularly well, so when mixing time came, the 33 tracks became two separate releases. Rain Station was born with the release "Criminal Goat" and Hoagie released the rest as "Equator". Soon after the release of "Criminal Goat" they recorded "Fancy Fancy" and "The Living Room Sessions". "Stonedozer" was released on 04/20/2000 and has been called Rain Station's best release to date. On October 13th 2000 Rain Station released "DARK RIDE" an all original Halloween music release. Rain Station released their latest CD "Underground" on December 18th, 2010.