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Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Website: www.stereosinai.com

Sounds Like: Gwen Stefani, will.i.am, A-ha, Eurythmics

Genre: Pop

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Debut double-album "Biblegum Pop" and "The Revelation Will Not Be Televised" out now on CDBaby (http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/StereoSinai), Amazon (http://amzn.to/ytWJ8S), and iTunes (http://itunes.apple.com/artist/stereosinai)!

Stereo Sinai is the Good Book like you've never heard it before.

Dubbed "biblegum pop," the band's signature sound is the heretical combination of ancient, holy tongues with blasphemous backbeats and synthesized pop melodies. If Gwen Stefani and Will.i.am had been on the mountain with Moses, they would have come down sounding a lot like Stereo Sinai.

The duo, made up of singer/songwriter Miriam Brosseau and producer Alan Jay Sufrin, was declared a "Favorite Band of 2009" on About.com. Artist development group Misery Loves Co. called them the "best new band in Chicago." In fall of 2009, Stereo Sinai appeared on the Chicago indie music show "Errors Not Eliminated" and spoke on a Chicago Music Commission panel on musicians and social media.

Stereo Sinai has been featured in a wide variety of recording projects since its inception in 2008. They contributed a track to the innovative "G-dcast" project, and, alongside artists such as David Broza and musicians from the Klezmatics, recorded a track to benefit cancer research with the New York-based "Pioneers for a Cure" initiative. Stereo Sinai represented Chicago at the International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam in 2008 and has been profiled by PresenTense magazine, Shemspeed.com, the Chicago Jewish News, and others. Stereo Sinai has contributed several holiday tracks to MyJewishLearning.com, and is featured on "Eats Paste," a children's compilation from ToyBlock Music.

The duo release their debut double-album, "Biblegum Pop" and "The Revelation Will Not Be Televised" in Dec., 2011.


“Stereo Sinai is made up of two wonderful musicians, Miriam Brosseau and Alan Jay Sufrin. They’re hip. Not shallow hip. They’re more then just cool, new, innovative, cutting edge and trendy. The urban dictionary says hip is “Cooler than cool, the pinnacle of what is it. Beyond all trends and conventional coolness.” They make hip, great, real Jewish music. They are also smart, humble and generous.”
Craig Taubman - Facebook

“Stereo Sinai’s infectious Europop/electronica sound mixed with “lyrics stolen from God” is an once amazingly beautiful and commanding in message.”
Patrick Aleph - PunkTorah

“The words might be thousands of years old, but Stereo Sinai's sound feels both immediate and necessary.”
Matthue Roth - Jewniverse

“It’s like I was hypnotized by Brosseau’s ethereal voice and the combination of familiar traditional lyrics and contemporary, pop inflected musical arrangements. It’s really, really compelling!”
CK - Jewlicious

“Their songs infuse what the couple describes as bubblegum pop with lyrics from Tanakh, including some scenes that wouldn’t seem particularly singable. It was funny, but I found myself humming along to a tune whose words narrated the story of the binding of Isaac.”
Shoshana Olidort - The Arty Semite

“Stereo Sinai delivers exactly what their name suggests….Stereophonic goodness filled with rich messages reminiscent of the wisdom given down at Sinai.”
Erez "Diwon" Safar - Shemspeed.com

“No kitsch here, just a duo with a great crackly, bouncing sound and a lot of heart. I lost about 20 minutes listening to the 'cast and a bunch of their other tracks. Great stuff.”
Jack Zaientz - Teruah Jewish Music

“...I realized this is more than just any duo. Stereo Sinai was something rare...The couple, with two very different styles, have produced a sound I’ve never experienced before yet can’t get enough of.”
Monica Rozenfeld - The Jew Spot

“Stereo Sinai [performs] what they refer to as “Biblegum pop,” or stolen lyrics from God. The music that duo Miriam Brosseau and Alan Sufrin perform is all their own, though.”
Myrna Petlicki - Skokie Review

“I really like the feel and the spirit of this music! And introducing the Hebrew is magical.”
Frankie Eldorado - ReverbNation

“One of the most unusual and innovative new bands on the Jewish music scene...”
Pauline Yearwood - Chicago Jewish News

“Relentlessly cute”
Matthue Roth - Matthue.com

"Favorite band of 2009"
Heather McDonald - About.com