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Hometown: Little Rock, AR

Label: Tall Guy Ent, Tall Guy Entertainment

Management: Christopher Austin

Website: ErrolWestbrook

Genre: Hip Hop

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Raised by his grandmother and being the oldest of five - three brothers and two sisters - Dubb faced the many tribulations and temptations of the local streets. After relocating from Little Rock at the age of 7, he went to spend the next two years of his life with his mother and step-father in Chicago, IL. While returning to Little Rock to live with his grandmother, Dubb endured the street life of a typical adolescent growing up in the city’s rough Highland Park area by becoming involved with gangs, school expulsions, and drug dealings.
Dubb’s fierce, go-getter attitude and ability to serve as his own street team, quickly made him the talk of the town as he was featured on several local artists’ albums. In 2000, he and two close friends began the group Street Hustlers, later evolving as A-State Hustlers. The group soon released albums Gone Shine (2002), Think It’s a Game (2004), and Alleyways N Ditches (2006) which featured numerous national artists including Tum Tum and Big Tuck. Releasing the self-titled albums Errol Westbrook (2008/9), Dubbsaks Mixtape (2010), and 2101 (in process) as a solo artist, Dubb gained momentum through the Errol Westbrook album’s first hit and video I Be Gettin’ It which was locally produced and directed. Immediately following, She’s Bad became so much of a hit that local radio stations began to place it in regular rotation adding to Dubb’s ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) account.
Aside of opening shows for national artists such as T.I., the late Pimp C, Jeezy, and Lil’ Wayne, Dubb has also become a face for anti-bullying campaigns and various radio and film commercials for businesses in around the state. Local network, AETV (Arkansas Educational Television Network), featured him in the School Bullying talk show to discuss the effects of bullying and his personal experience with it. Dubb has also earned a full page feature in the Listen Up section of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper.


“This past week has been nothing short of fantastic! I have had a wonderful time with my boo DeeZie! First Drew is awarded BEST SOLO ARTIST OF THE YEAR @ the Trapper of the Year Awards!!!”
Cocoa Breeze - A Rap Guy's Girlfriend

“Supreme Album by A- Stater that turned June-August into the summer of Dubb”
Jack W. Hill - Arkansas Democrat Gazette

“Hip-hop AArkansas just got a lot closer to a big splash on the national scene with the self-titled solo debut from Errol "E-Dubb" Westbrook”
Democrat Gazette - Democrat Gazette