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Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Label: GroundUp Productions

Management: Flor Trevino

Website: kazyak.com

Genre: Rock

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The trio’s rollicking jams and melodic vocals blend jazz, bluegrass and even classical elements to create a sound that cannot be contained by traditional labels. “Like the band name, the music in this album has that same feeling of being half composed and half improvised, “ says music writer, Indy Zoeller. “Some would say it’s the best of both worlds, but to say only that and stop would be missing the point.” The full-length CD showcases wide ranging form and structure while skillfully using improvisation that dances away from most musical molds. It is a lyrically-driven album that incorporates wide-reaching instrumental sections in order to gather people around and tell them a story. Jed Anderson, Peter Frey and Danny Vitali learned their craft together in the land of 10,000 lakes. They love music, are enthusiastic about making it, and want to share it. These are legitimately good musicians, intelligent students of many genres who play with flair and style. ..


"...friendly and flowing vision utilizes an ambitious combination of elements to create a memorable recording filled with harmony vocals, salient solos and delectable rhythms that are especially admirable for a trio to produce."
Maximum Ink Magazine