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Hometown: Montesano, WA

Website: www.new.facebook.com

Sounds Like: (the) Melvins, Pantera, Nirvana, ELVIS PRESLEY, The Beatles

Genre: Metal

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Walk into the hills surrounding the tiny timber town of Montesano, WA and put your ear to the ground. Chances are pretty good that you will hear the rumbling of Weird Beast somewhere off in the distance.

"Mercy, no quarter asked - no quarter given" - exclaims one of their songs. This also sums up the bands philosophy as well as their sound. "Right now we are playing loud and potent music, that's what this is, there is no need to contaminate it with bullshit and catchy rock-radio hooks" said one of the members. "We are not a metal band, we are a band that deals in elements, right now our element is thunder."

With tracks like "Roast the Goat", "Northwestern" and "La Zombia" it's obvious why Weird Beast is attracting so much attention.

Its been roughly one year since Ben, Josh, Brice & Tim started writing music together. Since then they've played countless show's around western Washington including Hells Kitchen in Tacoma and headlining at Seattle's El Corazon.

The Moon-Horn E.P. (released earlier in 2011) is slated to be followed up by a full length release in the near future.



“Good to hear good music still coming out if this county.”
Billy Jarrett - Facebook

“Top metal band in Grays Harbor. Good running for being the top metal band in the world, I think.”
Luke Werner - Facebook