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Hometown: Nashville, TN

Label: Unsigned

Website: www.new.facebook.com

Sounds Like: Christina Perri, Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, Alison Krauss, Norah Jones

Genre: Pop

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Anna Johnson is a Nashville-based songwriter and performing artist, who was born and raised in small town Wisconsin. Though she resides in Nashville, TN, the self-proclaimed home of country music, her music is its own kind of Americana-meets-Pop. Her songs are woven with tight harmonies reminiscent of bluegrass, they share heart-gripping stories that prove she has some old country and folk roots, but are crafted with more contemporary melodies and hooks that tell stories of life and love, friendship and the road, from the perspective of a young woman in today’s world. If you like references and the phrase, “Anna Johnson sounds like _____”, I suppose you could compare her music and style to artists like Sara Bareilles, Cheryl Crow, Colbie Caillat, Christina Perri, Norah Jones, or Alison Krauss. She’s really not the next so-and-so, however. Her music is its own. It’s Anna Johnson.

Anna is endorsed by McPherson Guitars. Since forming a relationship with the high end boutique guitar company in 2010, Anna has worked with McPherson Studios’ in-house engineer and producer, Michael Head, to co-produce three albums; “Winding Road” (April 2012), “Christmastime With The Anna Johnson Band” (November 2012) and her most recent LP, “Here” (May 2014). Also, a perk to being part of the family, Anna was connected with Justin McGrath of Higher Concept Media, who filmed and produced her two professional music videos, which were filmed in Northern California in Spring 2011, to celebrate two of the favorite tracks from her Nashville debut album, “Ready To Go”, which was recorded by Billy Smiley and Bill Whittington and released in May 2010. The videos for both “Someday” and “Damaged and Bruised” can be found on YouTube OR here – just follow the videos tab above.

Anna is also part of an elite roster of singer/songwriters called Nashville Unleashed. The roster is a collection of musicians who join together to perform classic in-the-round concerts together. Aside from traveling and playing in classy venues nationally, Nashville Unleashed has recently found its home on television networks around America! To find out where you can tune in to see Nashville Unleashed, visit their website: www.NashvilleUnleashed.com.

Most recently, Anna was chosen as one of the Top Five Finalists in the Guitar Center Singer-Songwriter 4 competition. Don Was hand-selected Anna [and four others] from among 15,000 songwriter entrants. To say it’s a huge achievement is an understatement! More than $10,000 worth of instruments and gear were awarded to each of the Top Five, and the ultimate grand prize winner will be announced following a private performance for Don Was and other industry professionals in Hollywood, CA in March 2015. Stay tuned to learn the results of the competition, and visit www.songwriter.amplifiertv.com/home to read about the prizes and discover the other 4 finalists and their music.

Anna isn’t completely foreign to the experience of being awarded large prizes based on her songwriting abilities. In 2008, reamining members of the legendary rock band, Queen, selected Anna as the recipient of their Queen Songwriting Scholarship to attend McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN. That’s right. Queen chose Anna based on her writing abilities and musical potential, and paid for her education at the contemporary music school, where she studied Songwriting and Composition.

In a way that’s what started it all, and since taking on music as a full-time career in 2010, Anna has not only released the four aforementioned professional independent albums, but has performed with artists like Colbie Caillat, Bryan White, Amy Grant, John Carter Cash, and others. Her two most recent albums were funded by her faithful and generous supporters via Kickstarter, she was a semi-finalist in a Dodge “Inspired By You” commercial songwriting competition in 2012, was a finalist in the 2013 International Songwriting Competition’s Music Video category, and has made guest vocal appearances on several other artists’ albums during her 5 years in Nashville. She also works regularly with Global Genius Productions, for whom she sings cues (some of which have been used in national ads), and she spends time co-writing with other established musicians in the Nashville area. Her next goal is to release an eclectic and diverse children’s album, full of lullabies and sweet songs from various cultures around the world.

To follow Anna’s daily life as a musician, visual artist, wife and mother to two sweet little girls, join her on Instagram @themusicanna. Be sure to connect elsewhere, too, using the tabs above. If you have any song suggestions for her upcoming lullaby project, contact Anna via her facebook page to submit your request.

Now, for those of you who want to know even more of the story . . . . . . . . .

The full story (pre-Queen Scholarship 2008) coming soon!

Stay in touch on facebook and Instagram, buy hand-signed hard copies of Anna's CDs on her official website (www.annajohnsonmusic.com), and visit her Soundcloud page to hear some songs you can't find elsewhere on the web: www.soundcloud.com/annajohnsonmusic.


“Anna Johnson and her band.... Its hard to say, but maybe the highlight of my career as an engineer/producer thus far. I couldn't have asked for such a mixture of talent, heart, professionalism, and fun! It all started with a phone call from Matt McPherson, owner and designer of McPherson Guitars. Because of his guitars and heart for music, Matt has met and heard TONS of amazing artists. Turn on your TV and watch the grammy's or ACMs and you'll find his signature guitars in the hands of amazing musicians. So when i heard him say the words "She's got more talent and potential and than most of the artist that i've heard" it made a statement.”
Michael Head - Producer at McPherson Studios - Private Recommendation

“One of the purest voices i have ever recorded, Anna is a joy to work with! Her spirit of writing what she is going through and then singing it, pierces the soul in an 'artist' way that is only Anna Johnson...”
Bill Smiley - Producer - Private Recommendation

“Anna is an amazing and prolific songwriter. Her ability to weave infectious melodies and thoughtful lyrics is impressive. When she combines that with her beautiful voice, you end up with an epic creative cocktail. .....and she's funny.”
Ken Lewis - Percussionist and Co-Owner of Global Genius Productions - Private Recommendation

“Anna Johnson's music is like food for the soul. Real, honest and heartfelt. 100% natural with no artificial flavorings or ingredients (substitutes). Her willingness to expose her vulnerabilities, hopes, dreams and fears, allows you to feel what she feels. Add to that an incredibly beautiful voice and songwriting maturity that exceeds her years, and you have an artist that deserves to be heard. In an industry (full of) rife with gimmickry and manufactured personas, Anna Johnson simply stays true to herself.”
James Murdock - Private Recommendation

“Anna Johnson is a true delight! Her sweet demeanor shines through her music and beautiful smile. She is a brilliant songwriter and a true artist. You will enjoy her voice both on her recordings and "live" in concert. She is poised and professional. I highly recommend Anna Johnson and cannot wait to have her back!”
Bill Goodwin - Pastor at Lighthouse Church - Private Recommendation

“She's the real deal. She has a knack for catchy melodies and wholesome lyrics.”
Ron Lovelien - Owner of The Living Room Coffee House, Eau Claire, WI - Leader-Telegram

“Anna Johnson is probably the most talented person from this area in a long time. Catch (her) live shows and listen to her graceful delivery of some well written songs. Try to see her if you ever get the chance."”
PJ on Best Solo Performer - Volume One - "Best of the Valley Reader Poll"

“Anna Johnson is a singer/songwriter from Eau Claire whose personal experiences, love for others, and strong faith are portrayed through touching songs about life, love, and friendship. Along with more than 40 original songs, Anna performs cover songs from artists like Alison Krauss, the Dixie Chicks, Jack Johnson, Brandi Carlile, and more.”
Volume One

“We would love to have you back...I know that the audience here thought your performance was spectacular.”
Deb Johnson, Executive Director, Chippewa Valley Cultural Arts Assoc., CF, WI - Private Email

“Regardless of her professional music experience, the maturity of Johnson's new album, "Roller Coaster Love", makes it easy to see how she may have caught the eye of Brian May and the rest of Queen. Her acoustic guitar playing is comforting, and her lyrics are sincere.”
Rob Hanson, Leader-Telegram, Eau Claire, WI - Leader-Telegram

“I just want you to know that it was awesome seeing you perform the other day... Just to see your love for your music in you. It was great. You have a wonderful voice and the music you write is wonderful as well!”
Brent Douglas, Floral Designer, Business Owner, Eau Claire, WI - Private Email

“Waking up to your music this morning. Wonder-filled. Great. Beautiful. I love your sound. jby”
James B. Yockey, Producer/Director, Nashville, TN - Private Email

“It was a blast playing with you at the Shroom!”
Ken Lewis, Studio Percussionist, Nashville, TN - Private Email

“Anna, you and your sister are very talented. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors with the music business. I think you've got a bright, bright future ahead of you!”
Kristy Ensor, Booking Agent, Nashville, TN - Private Email

“when i first came to your page i looked around and thought "oh great , just what the world needs , another beautiful blonde from nashville" then i listened to gloria ... then the rest gloria is now on my playlist this is essential music great songs great voice great talent”
Anonymous - MySpace

“I bought your new album "Ready to Go" today, on itunes, it s really gorgeous! Erika ”
Erika - MySpace

“Beauty in music and life... you've got both hun!! Jason Lucas ”
Jason Lucas - MySpace

“...love the music hope they play it on the radio pretty soon! Cali Jordan ”
Cali Jordan - MySpace

“I really like ur music. It is the kind that u can sing along with in the car. I'm going to tell all my friends:) Amanda Morrow ”
Amanda Morrow - MySpace

“Another winner with "Someday". It's a fun song. Kind of reminds me of some 70's Carpenters jazzy-pop. MrEMann ”
MrEMann - MySpace

“Love your mellow style and your very pretty voice. Jazzy ”
Jazzy J. Owner - MySpace

“I have been giving your cds out as presents and I am going to buy lots more! Abbie Hanson ”
Abbie Hanson - MySpace

“Keep on making such great music with your brilliant voice! Fred & Val ”
Fred & Val - MySpace

“I think you have wonderful talent as a songwriter... I really like the tone in your voice. John Fauci ”
John Fauci - MySpace

“You're great. When you can hear and enjoy each second, you know you're listening to something good. :] SYD ”
SYD - MySpace

“Your voice and your songs are AMAZING! Kelley Nelson ”
Kelley Nelson - MySpace

“You are an extraordinary talent and a rare gem. Ron Taylor ”
Ron Taylor - MySpace

“Your music is awesome and your voice is great! You and Julia have some great harmonies, too! Shawn Bowling”
Shawn Bowling - MySpace

“I just want you to know that the new CD rocks!!! Lee Rascone Jr. (Sound Engineer, Hotel Indigo, Nashville)”
Lee Rascone Jr - MySpace

“Anna, Your music is utterly Fantastic!!! I love your voice and songs... Dan Hagen, Producer”
Dan Hagen, Producer - MySpace