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Hometown: Stone Mtn, GA

Label: 3133 Muzik

Management: Debo

Website: twitter.com

Genre: Hip Hop

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Durt J aka Dutchmaster Shawty,Da Hater Hater,Asshole Extraordinaire,The 7th letter of the Alphabet,Sheila Son,Devin Daddy,Durt Nowitizi,2012 Langston Hughes, and a whole bunch more sh*t yall say behind my back.

'''''Early Life:'''''
Durt J was born Detrick Jones in April 20, 1981, in Albany,Ga. He instantly moved to East Point,Atlanta. Where he grew up till 1991when his parents moved to Stone Mountain. Where Durt spent years between East Point and Stone Mountain. He spent his teenage years gang banging and drug slanging, but also honing his writing skills. Always in love with music, at the age of 9 he wrote his first song and shortly after, he started recording with his brother(Nick J) and cousins(Sunny,Mr. Fresh,Gorilla Zoe) during that time going thru many names from "Good OutKome","Kinfolk and eventually Georgia Kings. Life ended up causing the group to go their seperate ways but never break up.

Durt J is one of the most lyrical southern rappers out there. His influence is in so many artists in the game. Coming out of Atlanta,Georgia. He has had the pleasure of staying all over the Metro Atlanta Area. From East Point to West & East Atlanta,Doraville,Decatur,Stone Mtn to name a few places. He got his first start rhyming with his cousins(one of those Cousins being Block ENT recording artist Gorilla Zoe) and brother in the group Georgia Kings. The Kings garnered minor success in 1998 when having a sit down with So So Def. In 2000 they linked up with Elegant and Elegant Productions securing a production deal with Epic. In 2001 things went sour causing the Epic deal and business ties with Elegant to be put on hold. From there Durt went back to the streets and ended up going to jail. In 2005 after serving a couple of months in Dekalb County Jail. Durt J started King Team. King Team is a click of rappers and producers down with Ga Kings. After gaining success on the internet and in the streets. Durt was able to hit the road and do shows all over the country. In late 2006, the record companies came calling again. But Durt decided to link up with childhood friend "Debo Myers" and start King Team/CMC Muzik. Unfortunately things had to be put on the back burner, due to Durt being locked up again in 2007. Shortly after Durt getting out, Debo was locked up which put things on hold again. Durt staying focused,linked up with another childhood friend Steady Snappin to drop the hood classic "Da 20 Side of Thangs" in 2008. Then in Sept 2009 Durt was locked up again. In Oct 2009 Debo was finally released after serving a almost 3 year bid. In Feb.2010 Durt J was released and him and Debo got back to work. Dropping "Dutchmaster Shawty" in April. With Debo taking on manager and CEO role and Durt J was more focused than ever. Unfortunately Jail came back calling and Durt was locked back up in July of 2010 to serve a year in jail. in April of 2011 Durt was paroled back to the streets. Due to probation problems Debo was once again locked up a week after Durt's release. In July of 2011 Debo was released.Debo & Durt instantly went into working on DutchMasterShawty2K12...which is slated to come out and the end of 2011/or early 2010.<ref>http://reverbnation.com/durtj</ref>


2006 Ga Kings - King State Of Mind
2007 King Team CMC presents "Dead Serious"
2007 Ga Kings - "Royal Flush"
2008 Durt J & Steady "20 Side Of Thangs"
2009 CMC presents "King Team/TTG"
2010 Durt J - "DutchMasterShawty"

'''''Upcoming Work:'''''''
Durt J - DucthmasterShawty2K12,
Durt J & Steady - 20 Side Of thangs Vol. 2,
Durt J & Daddy Loc - RedanRoyalty
King Team project

'''''Collaborative Work:'''''
Gorilla Zoe
Smoke of Field Mob
Daddy Loc
Jangalang Ent.
and more(he's also a ghostwriter)


“Happy "HO"lidays @DurtJofGakings - #The7thLetterOfTheAlphabet mixtape bit.ly/uFqcO7 RT & DL”
Durt J - #The7thLetterOfTheAlphabet

“#The7thLetterOfTheAlphabet Coming REAL REAL Soon”
Durt J - #The7thLetterOfTheAlphabet

“Durt J & Daddy Loc "Redan Royalty" coming at the end of Sept.2010”
Debo - 3133

“Dutchmaster Shawty 2 will be coming this summer, a little later than expected due to Durt J's incarceration but it's still coming”
Durt J - Durt Wurk