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Hometown: Salem, VA

Label: Poor Mountain Music

Management: Tim Meeker

Website: www.thedomiontrio.com

Genre: Christian/Gospel

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Marvin, Nora and Tim greet you with a warm smile and you know that Dominion Trio is for real, as a group and individually. Don't miss this Excitingly Different group. You will feel spiritually uplifted as you listen to their song and praise.Marvin founded the group in 1969 as an all male quartet known as "The Dominion State Quartet." As the years go by, so do people. In May of 1985, the name of the group was shortened to "Dominion." Since that time, group has come to be known by its present name, "Dominion Trio. Marvin celebrates 45 years of singing this year. Nora is Marvin's wife and been in the group since 1978. Being raised a preacher's daughter from the foothills of North Carolina has not always been easy. However, from the time of her birth, she has been in church constantly and would think of nothing else but serving the Lord Tim was born in Sharples, West Virginia. Tim is also a preacher's kid and like Nora, was raised in church from the time he was a baby. Before joining the group in June of 1988, he traveled with Conrad Cook and the Calvary Echoes for two and a half years. Before joining the Calvary Echoes Tim played and sang in his dad's church. Like the rest of Dominion Trio, his main goal is to serve the Lord and always be in his will. The newest member of the group is Bradly Meeker Parsons. Bradly is a gifted young man whose talents delight audiences across the country. At the young age of nine Bradly is a multi-instrumentalist and an accomplished vocalist who is continuing to grow both spiritually and musically.


“Central Baptist Church in Garden City received a blessing Jan. 8 with the visit of The Dominion Trio of Salem, Va.Its members stopped in on their way to Tampa, Fla. where they help support the Hope Children's Home. Hope accepts all children from troubled homes -- homes where the parents might be gone, or are in jail.There are orphaned children, abandoned children, and children who are involved with risky behavior such as gangs, drugs, trouble with the law. Hope makes it a priority to keep children together with their families whenever possible and not split them up into different homes. The Dominion Trio is a very talented group that is comprised of Marvin Parsons, the leader; his wife Nora, who sings and plays both the piano and the bass guitar; and Tim Meeker, a singer, guitarist and pianist...”
Scott Mayo - Savannah Morning News