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Hometown: Saint Louis, MO

Management: Sam Heat

Website: Foxx Starstrukk

Genre: Hip Hop

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Two distinctly different natives of St. Louis have joined together to take music production to new heights. Starstrukk productions is comprised of Rick the Rular a producer in his own right that has taken the scene by storm and his singed producer Bravura Foxx a classically trained pianist (CAU ’02) who is following in her fathers footsteps (local jazz legend David E. Hines). Together they make love on the track. Blending Rick tha Rular’s talents as a trained percussionist and Foxx Starstrukk unique approach to chord progressions the two have created a sound all of their own. Starstrukk received their first major production credit with “INCREDIBAD” track number 10 “Like a Boss” for Andy Samberg (writer/actor for SNL) Starstrukk has also done extensive production work with JIBBS, Chamillionaire, Trey Songs and has produced “OH NO!” by ZO and "Trying to be signed" by ZO featuring Bradd Young of hot 104.1 currently in rotation. Rick that Rular produced Ms. Chris’ (McDonald 2008 soul search winner) winning song “Keep it moving” and presently Starstrukk has produced several songs for her upcoming project. Starstrukk has also produced for numerous local talents such as Joka (DTP Madness winner) Lil Ace (artist, local filmmaker, and photographer), just to name a few. Starstrukk has secured their first scoring position with SNL as music producers for Rihanna and Andy Samberg's SNL skit "SHY RONNIE" www.nbc.com. Currently Foxx plays keys in Aloha's (Rock House ent.) all female band "What She Said" and hopes to offer production for all walks of music life.