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Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Label: Unsigned

Website: www.facebook.com

Genre: Reggae

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Vocalist Sasha'mani Francois and guitarist Mark Anselm created roots band City Billies in early 2009 while casually discussing the basic similarities between traditional reggae and bluegrass music. Convinced that the two styles were destined to be joined together - by the percussive time kept by the rhythm instruments, as well as the themes of spirituality and tribulation - the two musicians began recruiting others to complete the sound.

These days, the boys execute their new skanky, twangy sound with the help of banjo, mandolin, djembe drums and even the occasional saxophone, keeping the music rooted in acoustic sounds that are as much at home when heard through an amp as when played on a front porch.

Their debut album will be released in early Summer, 2011!


“Be prepared to be very impressed by this band of string-plucking, dubbed-out urban minstrels.”
Chloe Leichman - Straw Vs Gold