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Hometown: Nashville, TN

Sounds Like: Me,Myself,and I

Genre: DJ

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DJ/Turntablist/Producer/Beatsmith/Remixer/Arranger/Crate Digger/Musician/Hip Hop Activist

I have been a dj/turntablist over 30 years
I have been making beats since 1997
Head Mixologist @WVOL 147O am

DJ Squads: Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition (NYC) Coalition Force DJs (NASHVILLE)

Go To www.mixcrate.com/djghostdogg to download my radio mixes and any of my other mixes for free.


“A True Crate Digger Has about 4,500 pieces of vinyl”
Kevin Yuen - Scratch Magazine

"We Go Way Back" "He knows if he is in Los Angeles and its monday he knows he can come to the studio for the SOUL ASSASSINS RADIO/THE WEST WING and get on the 1s & 2s were live on mondays SHADE 45 10pm -Midnight Eastern Time
DJ Muggs - Soul Assassins Radio Interview

“When a local hiphop DJ/Producer takes the initiative to remix one of the sacred scriptures of the golden age of hip hop, it's usually a cringe-worthy affair exposing the remixer as a talentless hack with delusionsof grandeur. The Lesson? Don't mess with the classics,kids. Unless of course you're DJ Ghost Dogg, Whose remix of the synth & flute of Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones"& The grimey gutter "Cream" Wu Tang banger he manages to add to remixes while maintaining the original songs. Name for the Jim Jarmusch movie that the the RZA did the the soundtrack. It Has Roots.”
Sean L. Maloney - The Nashville Scene

"A Very Underrated Dee Jay"
Angela Yee- SHADE 45 Talk Show Hostesss:The Morning After & Lip Service - Shade 45