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Hometown: London, UK

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Genre: Electronica

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Greenhaus, originally an electronic 3 piece formed in the late 90‘s, (with releases under the Beggars Banquet and Kickin Records labels), are about to release their 4th studio album. The first three have paved the way for the latest, a double album entitled 'a fools paradise'. The bands' first offering, 'The Unmistakeable Sound of Sloth', was described variously as 'the offspring of ambient and wave' and an 'essential album that will cater to a wide range of musical tastes'. This was then followed up 2 years later by Another life (2004), described by one critic as 'best suited for those into lunar and dreamy moods’, 'space rock with electro grooves.' The band's third studio album, 'You're Not Alone', was released on Kalinkaland Records in Germany and Revolver Records in the UK during 2006 and 2007. It received excellent reviews (quoted above) and has been considered the band's best work to date. Vocals are now provided by Phoenix J, with her beautifully crafted melodies and tone leading to the overall offering being described as 'almost therapeutic', and likened to Massive Attack and the Cocteau Twins. She is the ideal complement to Anthony Neale, who has been providing excellent vocals for the band since 2005. During this time the band have played many times across Europe. The band's live lineup has stabilised over recent years to include Phoenix J (vocals & lyrics), Steve Bellamy (music), Warren Farr (drums), and Clark Denham (bass). And during this time they have been busy working on this new double album, comprising a mixture of full vocal tracks and instrumentals. The new album "A Fools Paradise" is scheduled for release Spring 2010.


“'Greenhaus, who managed to enlighten me already with their live performances last year, have done it again this year to brighten up the late Fall with a beam of sunshine, similar to Sigur Ros, who managed to do this just two months earlier'”
Electric Diary - Germany