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Hometown: Glendale, AZ

Label: Independent

Genre: Rock

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Imagine you’re drifting through space… Now, imagine you’re drifting through space while listening to epic bitter sweet indie rock songs composed by 3 long-time friends, Andy Bosna, Aaron Kes, and Brad Wiatr, from Phoenix, Arizona that formed in early 2008 and occasionally collaborate with a 4th long-time friend, Justin Jensen, all under the band name of The Other 49… it sounds bad-ass, doesn’t it? We thought so and, you’re welcome.


“...a definitive collection of the build ups leading to a systematic and tectonic shifting collection of balls-to-the-walls hooks and ladders.”
Ron Trembath - Fense Post

"...a mash of over-the-top, gaze-to-the-sky indie rock."
Michael Lopez - Phoenix New Times