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Hometown: Portland, OR

Label: Bone head records

Management: Lisa

Website: www.facebook.com

Sounds Like: Thin Lizzy, Hinder, Tesla the Band, UFO, Grand Funk Railroad - Band

Genre: Rock

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Searching for Sanity is a 3 piece Original rock band from the Pacific Northwest. Formed 2002 by Jeff our singer/songwriter/guitarist. In 2013 the band took the stage as S4S and from there they developed a following and continued to play the Portland-Vancouver area.

Members of S4S come from different walks of life and musical influences. That mixture of ideas is what creates our Unique sound. Our songwriting ideas come from the heart and true life experiences.

Our music is 80's rock with a southern flare.

2006 saw the release of "Live & Well" 10 song LP. In 2013 we released "Forgiven" a 13 song LP.

We are currently #10 on reverbnation.

2015 looks likes a promising year for S4S. Several shows have already been booked for our mini tour and we continue to open for National acts that tour our area.

We are 3 guys driven to play the best original rock and having fun doing it.

This is a must see band!

Support Local Original Music.


“The truth, MUSIC critic from Seattle I am looking for what we would say is the industry standard quality music. Most bands have lost their creative touch for original music. However I was able to catch a band called Searching for Sanity. I was sitting in the back listening to the music and this band hit the stage. What caught my attention was the first thing out of his mouth. We are Searching for Sanity all original band right here out of Portland OR. Then they started to play. I said to myself these guys are good. They are all seasoned musicians. I looked around and saw the same look on everyones face complete shock he had so much projection in his voice the notes were right on he had a natural vibrato. The lead guitars were spot on with harmony leads. SearchingforSanity is must see band.”
HCass - SearchingforSanity