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Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Genre: Pop

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Billy Amendola was born on December 17, 1957 in Brooklyn, New York. His dad Vincent played trombone in the big band era, but after watching The Beatles and Ringo on Ed Sullivan, the seven-year old knew the drums would be his voice. Mostly self-taught, with lessons from various teachers including Bernard Purdie, Amendola hit the road at the young age of fifteen. After playing rock music for most of his young life, Billy always had a strong passion for pop and R&B, and in the late '70's his funk/dance band Mantus charted three Top-10 dance singles and toured the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Throughout the '80s and '90s, (credited as one of the first to combine electronic and acoustic drums), Billy played on numerous recordings and remixes, including then teen-sensation Debbie Gibson's smash hits "Only In My Dreams" and "Shake Your Love," which earned him a triple-platinum record award. In the 80s/90s he formed True Blue with former Mantus member John Kaz. In the years to follow, Billy, co-wrote & produced a few different projects with Kaz, & Jimmy Maer. Billy currently writes & produces at his home studio and works for the leading drum magazine Modern Drummer—his home for the past twelve years.