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Hometown: Greenville, SC

Management: Chad Cohen

Website: www.themalah.com

Genre: Electronica

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The Malah has been making big waves in the live electronic music scene as of late. This innovative trio is hitting the road and captivating ears across the country with their organic electro grooves. From the warm outdoor stages in Florida to the late night clubs in Colorado, The Malah leaves each audience wanting more of their high energy live performance and stimulating light show. By mixing rich, earthy atmospheres with electrifying rhythms, The Malah explore the meeting point of cutting-edge technology and ancient musical theory. Creating a unique sound that is praised in both the “Jam” and “Electronica” communities. The music is constantly evolving and brings together influences from Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, and World Beat to Dubstep, Trance, and Breakbeat. Using their music as a tool to send a positive message of love and unity, The Malah has become known for giving their fans an uplifting musical experience. The Malah has played alongside STS9, Disco Biscuits, Lotus, Shpongle, Conspirator, Umphrey’s McGee, EOTO, Bluetech, Bonobo, Pnuma Trio, Big Gigantic, Pretty Lights … and many more. With their third full length studio CD on the way and an action packed tour schedule, The Malah continue to push the boundaries of live electronic music performance. See you on the dance floor!


"With a combination of natural ambience, melodic textures, and block-rocking beats, Voyage Of Radiowaves starts from the roots of music and ventures far into the future."
Home Grown Music Network

“The Malah: Music and Love and Healing! -Emily Price Greenville Online”
Emily Price - Greenville Online

“the trio has taken a roots-music approach to organic electronic music, offering adventurous flights amid shifting atmospheres and a robust, umcompromising tone that breathes with ever-emerging candor.”
Jamie Lee - Hittin' the Note

“The trio plays with emotion and has a knack for creating complex ambient music best described as a sort of trance/funk/jazz-rock picaresque. -David Ball J:ambands.ca”
David Ball - J:ambands.ca

“In the same way practitioners of Sacred Geometry sculpt seemingly abstract forms that resonate, somehow, with the viewer, The Malah has created a collection of songs, most seemingly abstract and overflowing with improvisational risk, that resonate with the listener.”
Dave Terpeny - Kyndmusic.com

“The Malah is tight! I haven't been this excited to find a new band since I first saw STS9 playing at a local pub back in 1999. These guys are flat-out on it: fun, high-energy, diverse, and beat-perfect throughout!”
M. Novak - forums.etree.org

“Sound Spectrum - "...a mind-massaging menagerie of seamless instrumental artistry."”
Home Grown Music Network

“Just unreal...I think the future has these guys and a lot of success to follow them. Excellent excellent music, so simple and elegant just draws you right in, the rest falls in to place nicely!”
skibbity bee bop do waaah - Archive.org

"This Greenville, SC quartet is harvesting organically delicious sounds from a fertile musical outpost in the far reaches of electronic space!"
Home Grown Music Network