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Hometown: Appleton, WI

Label: Searching

Website: www.myspace.com

Sounds Like: Vader, BEHEMOTH!, DevilDriver, Lamb of God, Decapitated

Genre: Metal

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Band Biography: Screaming Entombment was formed in
October 2009 by vocalist Dusty Hansen and guitarist Eric
Kwiatkowski. In November 2009 they recruited bassist
Taylor Dahlen and drummer Jake Hart. With the line-up
complete they steadily began writing material and played
their first show six months later. They since have played
multiple shows and music festivals with great response
due to their high energy stage show. In October 2010 they
began work on their first EP "Become the Suffering". The
album was self released in January 2011. Since the release
of "Become the Suffering" they have had a very busy schedule
with constant show opportunities along with keeping in contact
with their rapidly expanding fan base. Starting in September 2011
they began work on their upcoming full length disc. Entering the studio in February 2012 tracking started for "Malice of your Maker".


“I have witnessed this band several times and each time they progress farther into a machine that to me is going to be unstoppable. The music that explodes on the stage by this quartet is amazing to say the least. There are elements of Devildriver meets Black Dahila Murder present in their sound which is a combination of two of the heaviest bands that I know of. These guys don't mess around when they write their songs, it is brutal and it is raw and exactly what it should be. I highly recommended if you have the chance to check these guys out LIVE.”
Don Rouze - hubpages.com

“Jan 28, 2011 Exerpt from: SCREAMING ENTOMBMENT "BECOME THE SUFFERING" ALBUM REVIEW "To me, Screaming Entombment has a diverse sound of Death metal and Thrash metal. Vocals that rip your heart out of your chest like Left In Ruins & Lamb of God to name a couple. The music is like Obituary, Lamb of God, Enthraller & Slayer in some parts from what I could hear. They have solid sound where it can't be matched or duplicated, and with only 4 songs on this album; they have crushed a lot and have made the music a bit different than most Death metal bands. From what I get out of it, these guys are talented."”
Al Ditton - Underground Noise