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Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Label: Pretty Money Publishing

Website: www.JackTheRadio.com

Sounds Like: Spoon, Gary Clark Jr, The Black Keys, Jack White, My Morning Jacket

Genre: Rock

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Formed in 2005 as a collaborative project between roommates, Jack the Radio is the brainchild of seasoned songwriters George Hage and A.C. Hill.

In 2009, taking aim at a groove-heavy, southern-tinged gap in the Raleigh music scene, Hage strapped on his electric guitar, Hill, his weathered acoustic, and they set out to broaden their sound. Adding drummer Brent Francese and multi-instrumentalist Danny Johnson, Jack the Radio released their full-length debut, "Pretty Money" in early 2011. With tapes full of songs born in practice rooms and bucket seats, the band hit the studio in 2012, anxious to reunite with engineer Al Jacobs and press "record." The results of those sessions became the band's sophomore full length titled "Lowcountry" and the addition of bassist, Chris Sayles.

With two full length records to their name, the band's hard work and drive paid off, landing them club and festival shows in the North and South East, as their music was selected for frequent commercial placements on national and internationally syndicated television and radio.

The band continued to drive forward in creating music, and in early 2013, recorded a crowd funded live album in their home town of Raleigh. The group performed two back-to-back sold out sets at Amplified Art gallery, with a full crew of videographers documenting the evening, navigating among the seats, lights, a sound system, recording rig, and a house packed with local fans. Among the gallery's couches, art, photographs, and hand screen-printed concert posters, they documented a selection of new songs as well as some fan favorites in a stripped-down acoustic format, accompanied by a three piece string section of local musicians. The end product of that night was a full length entitled "Devil In Here" and a companion DVD, "Jack the Radio: Live At Amplified Art.

In 2014 the band worked their way to the upper-tier of Triangle bands, playing some of the areas biggest stages with acts including Hall & Oates at Walnut Creek Amphitheatre, George Thorogood at Memorial Auditorium, and the Cold War Kids at Red Hat Ampitheatre.

Raleigh, North Carolina's rising indie-roots-rockers Jack the Radio will release their first studio album in over three years on October 20th, 2015. The album, entitled Badlands, is a twelve song, two-act musical journey inspired by sci-fi Spaghetti Western themes, and features guest vocals from Elizabeth Hopkins (courtesy of Warner Bros. Records) and BJ Barham and cover art by David Paul Seymour.


“One of the best NC bands around, period.”
Fred Mills - Blurt Magazine

“Badlands is one of the finest big-time rock records to come from the area in recent years, an effort that seems poised for attention far beyond the band's previous local focus.”
Spencer Griffith - Independent Weekly

“If arena-sized crowds still seemed like a reachable goal for young bands playing straight-up rock music, Raleigh quintet Jack The Radio would be a prime candidate for moving up to the major leagues.”
David Menconni - News & Observer

“...acid-rock version of the Eagles”
Aiding & Abetting

“Raleigh’s freshest blues/rock band”
Oak City Hustle

“...Jack the Radio is exactly what the local music scene was missing.”
Leila Hasemi - The Stagger

"Raleigh’s favorite sons, Jack the Radio, have a pretty solid track record when it comes to delivering solid roots-based alt- country and their latest, Badlands, is no exception. It’s a slow burn album that may take more than one listen to really sink in, but once it does it stays with you."
John B. Moore - Blurt Magazine

"...Badlands, explores and indulges larger narrative concepts, lending it an unfurling epic quality, rewarding repeat listens."
Speak Into My Good Eye

"Exhibiting southern indie sensibility in spades"
Bucket Full Of Nails

"...[Jack the Radio] spent 3 years working on Badlands and their efforts will put North Carolina squarely on the national music map."

“Moonlight as a song is compelling from the commencement.”

“...the bombastic, gritty groove of Jack the Radio whose gnarly rock and roll guitars go well with their Memphis flavored horns. Think Spoon tossed in a blender with the North Mississippi All Stars.”
Brian Tucker - Star News online

"This isnʻt your typical indie rock; this is a local sound that digs into the heart of the South, pulling up deeply buried roots that show through in the bandʻs strong lyrics. You feel as if youʻre sitting on a well worn couch in front of the band, but these arenʻt guys who are practicing; theyʻre showing you all that theyʻve got, a full house theyʻre not bluffing with."
Malia Thornton - This Coast Magazine

"Tagged loosly as alternative, Southern indie rock, their casual informality hardly hides their penchant for skillfully mixing divergent styles into an expressive, melodic experience."
Debby Jet Jennings - HeraldOnline

“With swampy slide guitar riffs and bluesy grooves, Jack The Radio brings braggadocio to its smart rock 'n' roll, informed by modern indie rock sensibilities. Splitting vocal duties, A.C. Hill and George Hage—a pair of sharp singer-songwriters—bring their own personal touches to the project, which remains cohesive in sound despite the versatility to jump from the retro-pop breeze of "Shatterday" to jangly shuffle "Already Done" and roaring rocker "Outlaw."”
Spencer Griffith - Independent Weekly

“Brilliant. This totally makes me want to hit the road to nowhere. Summer's already here!”
Gerald Parel - Marvel Comic Artist

“This is the type of music to blast from your porch on early summer nights to help inspire the sweltering season to come. They’re North Mississippi Allstars, Spoon and the Avetts smashed into one cosmic-radio-fighting-band.”
Chris Burzminski - PrisonForJerks.com

“Their music is a wonderful blend of intuitive arrangement with meaningful lyrics that transport and move the listener the way music should. You know songs are great when they feel as if they've always been there waiting for their time to be heard. Its that time for the music of Jack the radio. ”
Ron Garney - Marvel Comics Artists

"JackTheRadio offers a blend of rock and roll unique to the downtwon Raleigh Area. Bluesy-rock riffs lie down next too booming choruses and catchy keyboard lines, while the occasional soft ballad slows things and shows the band's soft touch."
Dan Stroble, Music Editor - Raleigh Downtowner

"Jack the Radio blends many musical genres together into a very smooth, original sound."
Nick Thomas - WZMB 91.3FM Music Director