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Hometown: Dubai, AE

Label: unsigned

Management: contact@shoband.com

Website: www.shoband.com

Genre: Rock

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Punk, Rock, Metal, Reggae (Ska), Funk and a host of other forms of music find common ground in the musical expressions of Shو? The band which was pulled into the limelight by its unique style, was active in the UAE’s underground music sphere between June 2009 to end of 2010.

Shو? began with the meeting of two like minded musicians – Rizal, lead guitarist and Zara on vocals, backed by a dynamic line of talented musicians. Shو? (meaning What? in Arabic) features an amalgamation of different genres of music strongly influenced by the amazing multicultural mix that is Dubai. Rizal’s sound features 6 and 8 string guitars and a variety of pedals to give their music a unique sound. Zara's vocals focus on the message of nonconformity, standing up for what you believe in and fighting for what you want.

The milestone moment came in October 2010, when they won the Diesel U Music Road to Sound City competition. This secured them an opening slot in the Dubai Sound City Festival 2009, and took them all the way to Vienna for the Diesel U Music World Tour at the end of that year.

In August 2010 Shو? released their first EP entitled “I Don’t Wanna Go!” including fan favorites such as the reggae-metal Crash and the self-titled Sho?

After a season of performances during the Fall of 2010 Shو? disbanded at the end of the year.

Some songs are still available for streaming and download at www.reverbnation.com/shoband


"Shو? are from Dubai and isn't it about time that some fresh sounds from the Arab world swept over Europe? I think so."
Russ P - Uber Rock UK

"Strong Rhythm, excellent beats, impressive, meaningful lyrics, and unique, original vocals."
Khalid Aziz - Bearock India

"The “I Don’t Want To Go!” EP features four songs of high intensity sure to please fans of modern hard rock."
Bill Sullivan Jr. - BMF - Bill's Music Forum

“It sounds run the gamut between rock and metal while even mixing in some delicious ska beats (...) a bit of inspiration to get things fired up if you will.”
Charles Stepczyk - Insomnia Radio

“Sho? have caused quite the stir among the music faithful in Dubai, making a big impact since they first hit the scene there in 2009. ”
Paul Kelly - TripleW.me

“Sho? have a unique style and sound that transgresses any real direct comparisons with any contemporaries. Riff-heavy, with hints of punk and ska, the songs are a largely a take on life with a distinct, and definitely unique, sound.”
Paul Kelly - TripleW.me

“I have always believed that bands playing technically alternative music have their originality intact and the same holds true for Sho?”
Shak - Abu Dhabi Tempo

“Showing the World what's what!”
Matt Ross - 7 Days newspaper, Dubai

“Sho? has something unique, a hyper-energetic female singer and a sound that combines reggae, metal, ska and punk into a seamless smooth sound.”
Georgina Enzer - Gulf News, Metal Detector

"Proof that good music can sprout up from the unlikeliest of places, Sho? may be the band to look out for."
Mohamad Kadry - City Times