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Hometown: SAN DIEGO, CA


Management: MAE LEAGUE 619-600-1502

Website: www.myspace.come

Genre: Rap

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I was born & raised in Southeast San Diego. As a youth I attended Encanto Boys Club & played pop warner football for Valencia Park where I met many who would later be immortalized as some of Southeast’s most reputable gang members, including Mitchy Slick. My first taste of rap life was by watching my childhood friend lil Boo (Skyline) create his own rap group called, “Prhyme Suspect”. I use to rap for my nigga, always writtin’ new shit attempting to spit for a position in the group, but my nigga always kept it 100 wit me & encouraged me to keep writtin’ & insurin’ me that my time would come.

At 13 years old everything became Emerald Hills related for me including my raps. My homies from the set had a group called “The Infamous Duse” which was Duse B’s, Kilo B & Beave. We talkin’ 90’- 91’ & occasionally I’d push wit Boo & Prhyme Suspect niggas to do shows at clubs like, “The after Dark” “Distillery East” ect. As the youngest in the bunch I was just happy to be in the club on stage. Noddin my head & tossin’ up the set. Groups like “Legion of Doom” & San Diego Posse” were big in South San Diego. While Gangter Ern, Green Eyes, & Big June, Black Mikey & Damu had Southeast sowed up.

They use to put a stage on the side of Fam-Mart & every Blood turf use to come thru deep & niggas had tap talent shows wit money prizes. My big homie T-K had mics, turntables & record instrumentals at his pad & bein that his lil brother, lil T-K, was my road dog I was always at they pad in the set & I developed a mean ass freestyle. So when we hit the blocks in the set or pushed around Southeast in hot models we’d be bumpin’ tapes that me & lil T-K had made over N-tu-me & Timex Social Club instrumentals. Fulltime bangin’, roll callin’ our niggas. What homegirls we wanted to fuck & the latest niggas we had ran out the turf.

I hit juvenile hall, Y.A., & eventually the pen. The whole time writtin’ & sharpenin’ my flow. One day when I was in high desert state prison somebody let me check out a murder dog magazine & I saw Mitch in it. I was shocked & surprised cause here go a nigga I know from my hometown. Banged out wit a green flagg on his head, sittin’ on a low-rider in a magazine. I gave the dude a naked flick of a broad in exchange for the picture of Slick & put it on my wall.

It wasn’t until 2005 at Corcoran State Prison that I bumped into the homie lil Madman from 5/9 Brims & got my first bar of Triggeration Station. All I listened to was Rasta & Mitchy…period. I paroled in July 2005 after 11 yrs. & 5 months behind the wall. It was only a matter of time before my homies asked me to bust something & even though I had wrote “The Last Mission” in ’97, when they heard it they went crazy! Word got to Slick & I ended up seein’ him for the first time since Nov. 93’. The day before I caught my case, Christmas Day 2005. We bent a couple blocks & I played my song for him & he invited me to Vegas for New Years. The next day I was in the county jail for robbery & 5 assaults wit a deadly weapon. I hit Donovan Jan. ’06 & bumped into lil Matt BoBo from Lincoln Park & when he heard me rap, he immediately told me I had to fuck wit his nigga Slick & Tha Wrongkind & that he’d write Slick himself & vouch for me.

By now I’m writtin everyday so when I finally made bail (Sept. 26th, 2006) I went straight to the studio & made an 8 song c.d. & was up at Fam-Mart sellin’ my shit in the parkin’ lot. Slick got word, called me to his grandma’s house, heard my c.d. & told me, “blood I been waitin’ on somebody from Emerald Hills! You Wrongkind now & we goin to LA tomorrow.” The Babylon kicked in my mommas door Jan. 18th 2007. I blew trail & the judge bammed me wit 37 yrs. Now the movement is to…