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Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Label: LaVonna Harris Records

Management: Little Bitty Pretty One Entertainment

Website: www.myspace.com

Sounds Like: LaVonna Harris, Tori Amos - Night of Hunters 2011 Tour, Fiona Apple, Lady Gaga

Genre: Singer Songwriter

Singer Songwriter charts for Los Angeles, CA
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Female pop/rock singer songwriter/ celebrity & offspring of celebrity LaVonna Harris was famed first in the underground music scene. She grew up in Hollywood, California of African American and Cree/ Blackfoot Native American Heritage. She is Hollywood High School Performing Arts alumni and also recorded her debut album "INVERSIONS" at studios at the Musician's Institute, Hollywood, where she studied in the I.A.P. Program (Independent Artist Program) and released it on iTunes. INVERSIONS has broadened her following to an international audience. She once worked as a freelance go-go dancer in very prestigious Hollywood night clubs before being promoted to performing and wooing audiences with her original music. Her unique sultry vocals, sexy ever-changing style, and prolific songwriting has caught the ears of the masses all over the world. Her music video "Raine On My Paine" (INVERSIONS) debuted in New York City in an event put together in part by the G.L.A.A.D. Media Awards in 2010. Shortly before, this beautiful young lady spoke on a televised panel for the Matthew Sheppard Foundation on behalf of homeless youth as an Outreach Specialist. She is an activist and a humanitarian as well as an electrifying performer. Her candid lyrics and well seasoned musical style continue to attract listeners all over the globe. Her European influenced dance music with a voice influenced by Gospel is quite an exotic combination. LaVonna's brand of pop/rock escorted by her sassy stage presence, blended with her genuine love and concern for humanity and the world around her has classified her as a very impressive independent artist. - Jude Callwell, Journalist

"LaVonna has this infectious energy about her, that enlivens all that see, hear her talk, & in her music. Am blessed to know her." - Rachel Ryback (LaVonna's friend from childhood)

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"From Southern California, born and raised, LaVonna Harris is known on a global scale for her remarkable independent artistry........ She is a critically acclaimed singer- songwriter who performs for community events and puts on shows to raise money for various projects. Her lyrics and over all listening experience is much like reading the diary of a well mannered good Christian girl who struggles with having naughty thoughts. She’s fun, musically adventurous, and she dares to do it her way, like the very task of creatively recording and producing her own music videos filmed with an Android cellular phone ..........."
Artist Rep. - Google Play

“This lady writes, composes, produces, arranges, performs, and releases her sensational music herself on LaVonna Harris Records. A wonderful talent, her grandfather (Thurston Harris "Little Bitty Pretty One") would be proud.”
Dan Reagan - iTunes