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Hometown: Middle Village, NY

Label: Mactrak Recordings Main Roster Mixed, PANGAEAN PEOPLE (Global Arts Network), Twister DjPat

Website: www.theworkersmusic.com

Sounds Like: Talking Heads, Frank Zappa

Genre: Rock

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The Workers ®-hatched in '91 at Fordham University-have regularly rotated personnel. The only remaining original member Dan Greenwald is now an award-winning singer/songwriter performing primarily in the metro NY region. Dan's studio band has generated 3 CD releases in toto: the pop-punk masterpiece "East Bronx Epiphany"; "Theatre of the Distraught" hailed as Frank Zappa meets The Talking Heads; and most recently, "Totem" helmed by famed engineer/producer Will Hensley.


"Catchy, imaginative and twisty melodic songs you've created here...Love the funky groove of the verses on 'Wanderings', and really love the bright, sparkling vibe and fantastic vocals for the Beatles-like tune 'Leave You With I Love You'...great playlist!"
Mike White - MikeWhitePresents

“Listening to NYC's The Workers, I started to get the feeling I was being watched....by whom? I'm not sure, but the dystopian in me can't resist the juicy post-everything hooks that remind me what a fishbowl we live in. I'm a sucker for songs about alienation, and The Workers chalk it up in spades. There's grittiness to their sound that gives it a pure “punk-ish” vibe, but the songs are also clean and well produced. There's no mistaking this for the Green Day type punk that's filled Hot Topics everywhere with wash-off hair dye and fake tattoos. This is the real deal, written by someone who actually knows what he's talking about, not just “pre-fabbed” teen angst in a can. Anyways, check it out for yourself; you'll be glad you did!!”
Douglas Garnett [artist, producer, writer, designer] - DiGDuGDisaster

“The EP, despite having only 4 songs, has something of an epic feel to it…It’s all post-punk American style meets arthouse intensity, with the guitars high in the mix, and Mr. Greenwald’s laconic vocals dryly intoning words of alienation and dissociation…Every word is delivered like it was written by Shakespeare and every note is played with controlled ferocity…The Workers have taken the option of going large here. Good choice!”

“The Workers simply put make the musician in me rejoice…The track ‘Leave You With I Love You’ is one of my favorite tunes…from the haunting lead guitar to the Beatles-esque sensibilities of the vocals, it makes me feel, well, happy…In my humble opinion, Dan and TheWorkers should be on heavy rotation in your playlist.”
Matt Glass - Indie Musician

“Theatre of the Distraught by The Workers features edgy, eclectic, swirling psychedelia…the band fuses tight rhythmic changes with occasional jazzy textures…recommended for anyone seeking sounds which are both thought provoking and musically innovative.”
David Asher - Rock/Reggae Band THE PROCESS

“ It’s obvious to me Greenwald is the brilliant musical mastermind behind all this. His lyrics and vocal paraphrasing are extremely catchy, addictive, and highly infectious. In fact I would say he is one of the most impressive singer/songwriters who’ve come across my desk this year.”
Cyrus Rhodes - Indie Music Digest

“The material is incredibly heartfelt and beautifully melodic in many places. There's some very subtle lead work, especially on ‘Leave You With I Love You’, and the track ‘Single’ is quite revealing. In general the overall tone is one of melancholy but it's stopped from going too Leonard Cohen with, as I've said, some nice lead work. All in all it's an accomplished set of songs, with some rather appropriate artwork. Nice one Dan.”
DW Hughes - Modern-Dance Magazine