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Hometown: Portland, OR

Website: twitter.com

Genre: Jazz

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Recorded live, direct-to-stereo; no edits; no overdubs.

Genre: Garage Jazz

LCW doesn't play the kind of jazz that most jazz longhairs think of: head, soli, restate head, everyone waving their chops all over the place. When we're in full improv mode, it's much more collaborative; the kind of thing that we believe Miles envisioned in his middle period, and from the same creative wellspring as we envision from e.s.t, The Bad Plus, MM&W, Galactic, Tower of Power, Sun Ra, and other folks who don't stick to the old formulas. This is jam jazz as a group exploration in which all input contributes equally. The group's direction is a sum of individual vectors, determined entirely in the moment. LCW showcases exploration, not individual virtuosity or ego. The Grateful Dead very much followed this ethos, we think.

Key concepts: improvisation, collaboration, ensemble, freewheeling, happy accidents, team, cooperative, butterfly effect.

LCW's music is melodic and is often based upon ideas or actual songs from various of our favorite influences or memories. We pull in "psychedelic" (old-school) and prog-rock material on a regular basis; often in a fuzzy, impressionistic way. There's some funk and latin influence, too. You might detect a bit of blues, folk, surf, rock ... even classical music motifs. LCW's musical structures will probably be familiar and comfortable - both rhythmically and harmonically - to folks who listened to radio in the 60s, 70s and 80s, or who otherwise have a broad range of tastes.

Key concepts: psychedelic, rock, world, pop/popular, melodic, collage, melting pot, zeitgeist, collective memory.

LCW likes to keep things interesting. We throw in a lot of textures by way of effects, creative percussion, electronic sound sources, unusual techniques, and so forth. Some of the non-standard textures are experimental, in the flow of the larger improvisational context; we apply colors in the moment, not by rigid plan or convention. Some of this experimentation comes from curiosity: "I wonder what this would sound like?" Some of it comes from a streak of contrariness or a need to stay out of ruts: "I wonder if I can get away this?" or "I wonder if this will cause the flow to change in an interesting way?" Our experiments - textural and musical - aren't so extreme that they are likely to shock, annoy, offend, deafen, or bewilder the average listener; most of them contribute in a positive way, or so we believe.

Key concepts: experimental, texture, creative, non-traditional, special sauce, abstract, evolving, ambient.

Guitar, effects, synthesizer: David Lamkins
Bass, cello, effects: Stephen Caird
Drums: Joe Williams