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Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Label: Indie

Management: Martha Stracener Dantzic - Quick Silver Productions

Website: franksolivanii.com

Genre: Country

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Frank Solivan is a singer of power and passion, a writer whose articulate songs go straight to the heart, and a multi-instrumentalist who combines the pure, hard drive of classic bluegrass with twenty-first century sophistication.

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen play a wide variety of New Acoustic American Roots Music focusing on bluegrass and acoustic country, yet blues, folk, swing, and jazz also shine through as influences. Powerful vocal harmonies, expressive songwriting, smooth ballads, and instrumental prowess lend this versatile group of musicians to any type of venue. Each member is an inventive powerhouse.


“...it’s flat-out awesome! ”
Kyle Cantrell - SiriusXM Radio

“I received the new recording and all I can say is WOW! You guys have cut an awesome album. The material is fresh with great arrangements, the singing is first class, and the picking is SO strong and complimentary of each song. I'll run out of adjectives to describe how good it really is! Suffice it to say, GET IT!! You will be supremely satisfied.”
Adam Steffey - Multi-Grammy winner and award winning mandolinist

“Wow... incredible music by a great combination of players. These guys have the whole package - they can sing, play and write extremely well! This is the best new bluegrass band...”
Rob Ickes - 11 Time Dobro Player of the Year

"This is ONE KILLER of a CD! Frank Solivan’s vocals, mandolin work and original songs would be enough (here comes the “That’s not all, folks”), add Lincoln Meyers’ guitar work, Stefan Custodi’s bass… and Mike Munford’s banjo (two words here HOLY COW!), and you’ve got a real winner of a project! "
Joe Wills - WBZC Radio

"This project was smokin' hot from the first song until the last note of "Paul & Silas". Then my cd player couldn't take it anymore & disintegrated! That is one of the hazards of being a dj. Once in a great while, there will be a project that has a life of its own & overpowers your cd player & shows it who is boss. There is a certain sound that a cd has that generates a feeling & you know this is a winner. Whether it was the beautiful singing, awesome instrumental work, or superb original compositions, it all fit together like a favorite sweater. It was necessary to play this project repeatedly in order to get the full impact. Forty three minutes wasn't enough. I could see some of these songs becoming classics one day. As soon as I started playing this project my request lines went into overdrive. A sure fire winner!"
Al Shusterman - KCBL Radio

“Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen could easily be described as a group of super pickers. But that would only be half the story because the vocals easily match the instrumental work. The result is a powerful collection of hard-driving, contemporary acoustic music...”
Katy Daley - WAMU's Bluegrass Country

"Interesting, innovative, traditionally contemporary bluegrass! Great listening!"
Rhonda Vincent

“World-class instrumentals with intriguing melodies... blends a contemporary sensibility with traditional instrumental chops.”
Bluegrass Breakdown

“Don't miss it. Solivan is a major talent. He is one of those guys, I've read and been told, who plays every instrument and plays them at an extremely advanced level. He also sings incredibly well...”
Bluegrass Unlimited

“Frank Solivan is staking claim to his own territory in this big world of bluegrass music.”
Todd Phillips

“Frank's performance was one of the true eye openers for me that weekend. Great mandolin playing and singing.”
Tim Stafford

“Frank demonstrates string fluency and interpretive twists that only the most consummate multi-instrumentalists can claim to have.”
Joe Ross

“Talented young man with considerable strength and charisma. I give him accolades for composing and presenting new material that captures the forceful feeling and passion of traditional bluegrass music.”
Joe Ross

“The Lord has gifted Frank Solivan with the kind of vocal clarity and power most singers pray for. Not to mention his instrumental virtuosity.”
Bluegrass Breakdown

“It would be relatively simple to describe Frank using standard marketing jargon and cliché terms of praise, but his creativity and unparalleled artistry seem to begin where those descriptions leave off.”
Bluegrass Breakdown

“...he writes great songs in the grand bluegrass traditions...”
Bluegrass Unlimited