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Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Website: www.myspace.com

Genre: Jazz

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Yves Carbonne is a French artist, musician, bass, contrabass and sub-bass guitarist, composer, improvisator, arranger and producer.

He concentrates his work on musical composition and instrumental research.

His music is sophisticated and appreciated by a wide audience.

For the last fifteen years Yves has worked with the great luthiers Christian Noguera and Jerzy Drozd to develop his unique vision of the bass guitar. From those collaborations, the sub-bass was born. It's a bass guitar that can play one octave lower than a standard one. Yves created the sub-bass concept in 2003, with the help of LaBella strings.

Yves plays all kinds of bass guitars. He is known all over the world as the first 10 and 12 string fretless sub-bass guitarist (and lefty!). Of course, he still loves to play 4-string bass guitar and enjoys to collect vintage left-handed Fender Jazz Basses. He also plays double bass.

His music is a celebration of life and freedom.

Yves generally uses spectacular instruments for new sonorities to create and perform soulful music.

His new album "A Life" includes Marcus Miller on the song "New Love".
Contact: yvescarbonne@gmail.com

His new album "A Life" includes Marcus Miller on the song "New Love".


“Regardless of the instrument... 4 strings, 2 strings 30 strings... Yves is a masterful player. Every melody was beautiful, every groove was pocket oriented and every flourish was restrained and perfect for the moment.”
Damian Erskine - Bass Musician Magazine

"...seeing Carbonne's outrageous fretless Jerzy Drozd 10 string...my...Bass Show-Off alarm went off. It proved an unfair characterization once I heard Carbonne's music. Seven Waves is a tuneful record with pretty arrangements, clean & spare production, and beautiful playing from Carbonne...
Jonathan Herrera - Bass Player Magazine

"Yves Carbonne is an explorer , researcher and innovator in the field of bass guitar... The approach that he has developed makes complete use of the potential of his instruments..."
Jerzy Drozd - Jerzy Drozd Website

"Carving a unique voice out, especially on fretless, is absolutely a formidable task these days, but Yves has no problem being identified, as well as having the ability to place that voice in the right place at the right time to enhance whatever type of musical setting he's involved in."
Editor, Jake Kot - Bass Musician Magazine

"I heard him play it at a NAMM show a few years ago. I'm still looking for my jaw on the floor somewhere back in Anaheim... The music is wonderful and his playing is absolutely beautiful.
Damian Erskine - Bass Musician Magazine