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Hometown: Boston, MA

Label: katherinedesmond@me.com

Management: Jean Renard 213-255-5007

Website: www.facebook.com

Sounds Like: Chairlift, Grimes, M83, Dan Deacon, Allie X

Genre: Electronica

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CMB is defined as relic radiation, the evidence of the Big Bang, yet most people have never heard of it or knew of its accidental discovery in 1964. Although she considers herself an atheist, learning about this inspired her to some spiritual degree, as it almost felt Godly. This was the inspiration for the lyrical mantra of the EP’s intro track Relic Radiation: "I believe.. I believe in what the naked eye wont see, I believe in what we need machines to perceive."  
Musically speaking, CMB’s new EP Three Licks is heavily electronic. 
Unlike her previous projects, it's much more experimental, and perhaps less commercial. In composing the music, there was no planning, concept, or agenda; it was completely organic. Although her influences are vast, she’s happy to list Dan Deacon, Animal Collective, Erasure, Panda Bear, Grimes, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Eurythmics, Tobacco, NIN and Yeasayer as some of the artists she tips her hat to on this EP.
Only after the project was complete did the concept around common themes of humanity like love, "when we share one heart, all love glows in the dark”, communion, "we're reaching towards our sisters and our brothers, we leave as one”, loss of a best friend and creative partner, “my memories bruised, the moment of truths, rainbows of black keep pulling me back and closer to you” begin to show itself.
This is Casey’s first project that she proudly wrote, produced, and mixed entirely on her own in her own studio.The final track "EV" is a split collaboration with co-writer Casey Grabowski (Nearest). Special thanks go to Michael Butler for keys on Under the Chandelier, Eric Schindler for sax on Rubber Jungle, and Mastering Engineer Kurt Schneider.


““Casey Desmond belongs in the same echelon of electro-pop performers as Robyn, Natasha Khan(Bat for Lashes), Ladyhawke, and Alison Goldfrapp—all are sequined sirens able to lure listeners to the dance floor in seconds flat.” ”
Ourstage - Ourstage

“Desmond's big ideas seem eternally destined to find the big stages”
Performer Magazine - Performer Magazine

““Casey Desmond is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist destined to be a household name.”
wildy's world - Wildy's World

““Though accomplished on guitar and keys, it’s her voice that is pushing her into female rock history.””
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“ *“Desmond’s rock chops, social awareness and amazingly versatile voice keep you listening”.-Performing Songwriter Magazine ”
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“Casey Desmond has been chosen #7 of the top 25 Artists of 2010 on indie-music.com”
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