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Hometown: Denton, TX

Label: Dentone, Rounder & Cleveland International

Website: www.brave.com

Genre: Alternative

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Brave Combo has collected a dizzying array of descriptive musical pegs, boldly going where few bands have gone before, and even fewer could (or would) dare to venture. Succeeding in its first mission, Brave Combo is America's premier contemporary polka band, and a Grammy winning one at that. In the same breath, to name some but hardly all of the colors found on Brave Combo's musical palette, one can describe them as a groundbreaking world music act, a hot jazz quintet, a rollicking rock'n'roll bar band, a Tex-Mex conjunto, a sizzling blues band, a saucy cocktail combo, a deadly serious novelty act, a Latin orchestra, and one of America's dance bands par excellence.


“…nearly every Brave Combo show is a celebration in itself. Even if you come for the party, you'll leave with something of a musical education. The group throws all manner of world dance music into the mix, including polka, ska, meringue, hora, conjunto and zydeco.”
Daniel Durcholz - Riverfront Times

“At last, a band that rocks the brain as well as the feet.”
Jeff Spevak - Democrat & Chronicle

“The Grand Pooh-Bah of Denton bands, Brave Combo, is in many ways the template from which all the rest are cut: eclectic and artistically ambitious, with a high degree of musicianship and a strong DIY ethic. ”
Dave Sims - Paste Magazine